Fashions For Women: Underwear Essentials Wardrobe Checklist

The underwear essentials you need to check off to complete your wardrobe. Learn what to have on hand for various occasions.

Some women consider underwear as important as outerwear.Daily underwear wardrobe may depend on women's type of mood or outer wardrobe.Whether you feel good that day and would like to match your attitude to the color and style of your outfit, underwear is essential to the entire wardrobe.Many women wear certain types of underwear to possibly suit a particular event or occasion, the daily routine, or activity.

Underwear can be categorized as essentials for daily wear, comfort, sex appeal, play, occasion, and purpose.Common forms of underwear include underpants, undershirts, panties, bras, and stockings.Most women regularly wear these three common garments: bras, panties, and stockings.

Common types of under pants or panties:

1. briefs - good for heavier or elderly women who want a fuller coverage and support

2. bikini - for the average set women who like some support as well as sex appeal

3. string bikini - for the average to slimmer women who can feel comfortable as well as feel more sexy

4. boxer - regardless of weight, this is by far the most comfortable but may be too bulky for slimmer fitting clothes; more for lounging around the house

5. boy shorts - can be very comfortable with full support and coverage; can wear under slimmer fit clothes

6. thong - may not be very comfortable but can eliminate the panty lines

7. g-string - for high sex appeal; also eliminates panty lines

8. girdle - for women who want to hide the bulges

Common types of under tops or bras:

1. support or full coverage - for women with full or heavy set breasts

2. demi - for women with smaller breasts who may like to show some cleavage and feel comfortable; not too much support

3. padded - to enhance breasts size

4. water - also to enhance breasts size with the feel of real breasts

5. sport - provides good support, comfort, and flexibility for women who are active

6. under wire - helps to push up breasts for look of good support; may not be very comfortable

7. wireless - comfortable; good for all women, especially nursing moms

8. seamless - for women who do not want bra lines when wearing fitted tops

9. bra tops - more for lounging around the house; very comfortable and casual

10. racer back - very secure for women who are active; relates to the sports bra

11. push-up - enhances cleavage for women who wants a little lift; most push-up bras will have an underwire

12. strapless - good for strapless or tank tops

13. lace - more sex appeal under any type of clothing

14. nursing - for sole purpose and ease of nursing babies; some may wear this bra because it is very comfortable

Common types of stockings:

1. sheer - appearance and feel of nudity

2. control top - resembles a girdle but is attached to socks

3. support - can be the control top stocking or full leg support

4. knee high - hose comes right to the knee can be sufficient for trousers; very comfortable without restraint to waist area

5. thigh high - adds sex appeal and comfort without restraint to waist area; good for skirts that are knee length or longer; may have to use garter belt for extra security

to hold up the stocking

6. fish net - may be fashion faux pas for many women but some consider this a very sexy lingerie

7. tights - good for cold weather and complete coverage; similar but thicker than panty hose

8. anklet - worn with shorts or pants

9. below anklet - goes over toes and heel but does not show over the shoes; good for closed toe shoes when you don't like the look of exposed socks

10. sport - cotton socks allows good support and ventilation for the active women

11. trouser - also known as dress socks

Daily underwear that women may like to lounge around the house in is usually comfortable, such as briefs or bikinis, a wireless or supportive bra, and sport or ankle socks.Modern style of women underwear now includes a more masculine style, such as boxers and boy shorts.

Depending on the type of work you do, you may choose to wear underwear that provides more flexibility or maneuverability.Since many women spend much of their day working, comfortable clothing is important.Comfort is also important when caring for children or enjoying an adventurous hike on a vacation.Overall, women like to be comfortable as well as look and feel good.Check out the types of underwear essentials you fit most.

Types of Underwear Essentials

1. Basic essentials - what we need for daily living; what we already have

2. Advanced essentials - what we want

3. Upgraded essentials - what is good to have

4. As needed essentials - what we buy because we need it at a certain time

Basic essentials really depend on the type of women you consider yourself to be: stylish, frugal, carefree, materialistic, etc.As people need a shirt, a pair of pants, and shoes as basic outer wear, women need bras and panties for basic inner wear.For the more money-conscious woman, basic garments may be the only necessity in her underwear wardrobe.

Basic Essentials

1. Bra - comfortable wireless bra that provides full support in common colors of white and black.

2. Panty - brief or full bikini in cotton in common colors of white and black.

3. Stocking - nude shade pantyhose and knee-highs; white ankle sport socks; black trouser socks

White and black bras and panties are recommended to accommodate light and dark tops and pants.Nude shades of hose stockings will go with any style or color of dresses and skirts.White sport socks are the most common color of choice, and black trouser socks look more professional with trousers and will match more often than light colored socks.

Most women proceed towards advanced essentials.We tend to purchase more than our basic underwear needs because there are so many other styles and colors of underwear available.We can really do without much of the underwear that we consider basic or as a need.For those who believe that basic is too plain, then go with what you want.

Advanced essentials

1. Bra - a red push-up bra that is seamless and has an under wire (to wear with the new red v-neck top you bought last week)

2. Panty - the black thong (to go with the hip hugging black knee high skirt)

3. Stocking - thigh high stockings (that your husband always wanted you to wear ever since your wedding day)

Vibrant colors and unique styles of underwear really play into dressing up your wardrobe and coordinating your outerwear.Sometimes, the advanced essentials is what really add to the sex appeal of your wardrobe"┬Žnot so much to display to the public, but to accommodate more to an individual's mood.

Some underwear are good to have but not necessary, such as a seamless bra.This is when you may upgrade your wardrobe to have on hand underwear that it not a need and may be not a total desire, but will be nice to have in case you decide to buy a snug shirt.

The as needed essentials serve a purpose come that time when you need it most.

As needed essentials

1. Nursing bra - for ease of nursing babies

2. Low back bra - for not exposing bra straps to a low back top or dress

3. Girdle - helps conceal some bulges

Other related underwear essentials that you may want to check off on your wardrobe checklist are emergency supplies to carry with you for surprising moments.Whether your bra strap breaks open or your panties lose all elasticity around the waste or you have a hole in your hose, these helpful tools may be able save your day.

The just in case essentials

1. Pocket sewing kit - just in case you need to mend a button so that your bra is not exposed

2. Pins (small and large) - just in case your bra clasp breaks

3. Tape - this may help to keep socks up

4. Clear nail polish - to stop the runs on your pantyhose.

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