Faux Wood Blinds at Home Depot

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  • Overview

    Faux Wood Blinds at Home Depot
    Faux Wood Blinds at Home Depot
    Wood blinds have become a popular window treatment in recent years, and they can be as expensive as they are elegant. Faux wood blinds cost less than real wood blinds, and also offer some real advantages over their real wood counterparts. Home Depot has a great selection of faux (French for "imitation") wood blinds, which can be ordered in the store or online.
  • What Are Faux Wood Blinds?

    Faux wood blinds are made of vinyl (polyvinyl chloride or PVC--a thermoplastic material) or composite wood. They are designed to withstand heat and will not warp, stain or crack from humidity or high temperatures, as solid wood blinds will. They consist mainly of slats, decorative tape, mounts, cords and a wand.
  • Ordering Faux Wood Blinds at Home Depot

    Levolor and Bali are two of the largest manufacturers of faux wood blinds. Home Depot sells Levolor and Bali faux wood blinds on their website, and also at their stores where they have them in stock. If you want to check out other manufacturers, such as My Blinds and Hampton Bay, Home Depot stocks their catalogs. They don't stock blinds by these manufacturers, but they can order their products for you. The types of Levolor faux wood blinds currently sold at Home Depot's website and stores are the Visions and NuWood lines. Bali brands sold are the Woodplus and Wood Images lines. The manufacturers and lines carried may vary with each store.

  • Features

    Faux wood blind slats are 2 or 2 1/2 inches wide and removable, which makes them easy to clean. They also come with a feature called Lightmaster, (also known as simply "routless") a design that eliminates the small spaces around the string routing holes, which can compromise privacy and appearance. They offer UV protection at 75 to 95 percent.
  • Decorative Tape

    Decorative tape is the long strip of fabric that runs vertically over the blinds. Blinds can be ordered without them. If you do decide on decorative tape, note that they can be matched to the color of the blinds and are a nice feature because they can cover the strings that run through the slats. They can also be applied to the center of the blinds in accent colors and colorful contrasting designs. Decorative tape can be a great way to add visual interest to your window dressings, or complement your color scheme. They also can block out more light when the blinds are closed.
  • Uses

    Faux wood blinds sold by Home Depot are made of high quality materials and would be appropriate for use in any room of your home. Because of their extraordinary resistance to warping, they are very well suited for bathrooms and kitchens, where heat and moisture levels rise and fall regularly.

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