How to Fax for Free Online

By Alan Kirk

  • Overview

    How many times have you been told to fax a document over to a client, friend, or business and then had to drive to a business services store because you didn't have a fax machine at home? Don't worry, now you don't need a fax machine to send an important fax to an individual or business. All you need is a computer or cell phone.
    • Step 1

      Choose a free faxing service on the Internet. There are options that allow you to send files from your computer such as Faxzero and Dropio. There are also services that allow you to send faxes for free from your cell phone such as ScanR. FreeFaxButton allows you to enter your own fax text into their website and then fax it, or send a file online as a fax.
    • Step 2

      Create a document on your computer. This document can be either a word document, a PDF document, or an image.

    • Step 3

      Open up the free faxing program you selected in Step 1. Go to the location where you saved your file on your computer, and enter the phone number where you wish to fax your document. This will allow you to fax your document for free over the Internet using your computer.
    • Step 4

      ScanR requires you to send your document from your computer to ScanR, where they will then create a pdf file and then send it back to your cell phone as pdf or vcard. You can then send that file using your phone. Technically this isn't faxing a document, but it is a way to get your cell phone to act as close to a fax machine as possible.
    • Step 5

      Visit the Free Fax Button website and enter the text you want to fax to a friend. All you have to do at that point is enter the fax number and send it. Send a document currently saved on your computer by selecting the second tab at the top of the screen. With Freefaxbutton, you can send one or two free faxes per day.
    • Skill: Moderately Challenging
    • Tip: Keep in mind that free faxing services will add advertisements to the bottom of your fax. If you do not like how this appears, you might want to invest a few dollars a month into subscribing to a paid online faxing service.
    • Warning:
    • Free online faxing services are generally reliable, but there are no guarantees. If you want a more reliable faxing service, you might want to visit a brick and mortar location which guarantees receipt of the fax.

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