How to Fax Online

By Christopher Capelle

  • Overview

    Using the Internet to fax is part of the global initiative for the "paperless office." Although old school fax machines will always be part of the business world, faxing online not only saves paper, it saves other resources as well as increases productivity. Rather than printing a document and then manually faxing it, you can fax it directly from your computer. That said, there are software and services that can accomplish this and while they are far from perfect, they are a good addition to a faxing-intensive environment.
    How to Fax Online
    • Step 1

      Decide whether you want software to fax from your computer or to use a commercial service. Using a service will require you to install software.
      Faxing with bits and bytes--no paper required
    • Step 2

      Determine how many people in your office plan on faxing online. If it's a lot, then using fax server software is your best bet. If it's just one or two, stand-alone software or a service is sufficient.
      Fax machines are old school

    • Step 3

      Research the various options available. If you opt for software, then find one that integrates seamlessly with your software (Microsoft Word, for example).
      Save a tree--fax online
    • Step 4

      Install the software (usually from a CD or a download). Check the license information to see if more than one user can install it. If you're using a service like eFax, then be sure to register and set all the preferences.
      You can fax from anywhere on the planet
    • Step 5

      Test the software thoroughly before using it for real business. You need to see how it looks, how the cover sheet appears and if it's legible. Do this both with the sending and receiving options.
      Faxing from the great outdoors
    • Skill: Moderate
    • Ingredients:
    • Fax software or online faxing service
    • Tip: If faxing is an occasional process, then a stand-alone software package is sufficient.
    • Warning:
    • If the software or service is free, remember that free services are worth every cent you pay for them.

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