Feeding Your Newborn Baby

Feeding a newborn baby can raise a number of questions. This article explains which is better, breastfeeding or formula and the disadvantages and advantages.

Feeding time for your infant is more than just inserting the breast or bottle in the baby's mouth. It's a time when your baby is receiving calories and nutrients that will sustain its health throughout life. This is a time for bonding for both infant and mother, whether breast or bottle feeding.

Infants' reflexes such as hearing, sight, sound, touch, taste and smell are all busy working here. We all have read and heard over the years that women are capable and come well designed to breastfeed their children. Doing this gives the infant certain immunity to sickness and infections. Whey is the ingredient in mother's milk that outweighs all the other types of milk. Lactose is also more predominant in breast milk, which plays a role in calcium absorption and brain development in the infant child.

Vitamins and minerals are already in breast milk. There is no need to add them like you have to in formula. Vitamin D is the only vitamin that is recommended if you live in a state where there is no sunshine most of the time.

No matter how much they try, formula manufacturers have tried to duplicate breast milk, and will never achieve this task, since breast milk contains antibodies that are made by the body and passed on to your infant.

Another wonderful advantage of breast milk is that it is free. There are no costs, no messy bottles to sterilize, and no heating of bottles.

There are a few cases in which you should not breastfeed your baby: if you have hepatitis B, AIDS, or tuberculosis. Also taking prescription medicines can cause problems for your infant.

Whatever you feed yourself, it comes out in the breast milk. That is one advantage that formula has. You can feed your baby with no fear of passing on anything. But with formula feedings, you have to sterilize the bottles, nipples and rings and boil the water to make the formula if feeding concentrated formula.

If you buy the formula in ready to feed cans, you only have to sterilize the bottles.

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