When Do You Feel That A Financial Consultant Is Necessary For Retirement Plannin

When do you feel that a financial consultant is necessary for retirement plannin. A financial consultant can assist anyone along the road of financial planning. Obviously from my perspective and what we do,...

Obviously from my perspective and what we do, I would say almost always. There is almost never a time that sound professional advice can't add value to an individual or individuals and family, in helping people lay out what their overall needs are, helping people understand what their needs might be and in helping them articulate what their goals are typically with the planner or the adviser. The consultants don't make the goals up but rather they help the client articulate them and write them down and maybe understand how their finances can help meet those goals or maybe not meet those goals depending on what they are and to make them a little more realistic. Recent time in history, you may remember going into the bad markets we had in 2000-2003, we had rather extraordinary markets and there were a lot of people investing over the internet and online and getting short-term profits and thinking that there really wasn't a need for financial adviser or financial consultant because of how well they could do on their own. That period of boom ended in a big bust. The majority of clients at Merrill Lynch through financial advisers that we have with good sound financial plan didn't have near the bust to disrupt people's retirement plans and such that those without the advice and guidance for the financial consultants.

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