What Is Feng Shui Bagua?

What is Feng Shui Bagua? Bagua is an eight-sided figure that is used as a template to overlay any space that you are working with. The Bagua has pictures of nature called trigrams and these etchings are the authority to work with energy.

The idea of Feng Shui is based off the idea of combining the elements that are represented through the earth in order to create an energy flow. If there are specific areas in one's life that don't seem to be functioning at the highest potential, then the Feng Shui Bagua will be used in order to map out where the change of flow between energy and balance need to occur.

The Feng Shui Bagua is one of the important tools used in this ancient practice. According to Theresa Hart, Feng Shui specialist, "Bagua is the eight-sided figure that you use as a template to overlay any space that you are working with. The Bagua has on it the trigrams of the etching and those trigrams are pictures of nature....It is the same science that they use in acupuncture."

Through these etchings, geometry of space is laid out. This is divided into the area that one is working with. Each area will represent a specific type of energy flow that is important to your life. The eight sides will each have a dominant energy in relation to them. The eight sides include the characteristics representative of wealth, fame and reputation, relationships, family, health, creativity and children, skills and knowledge, career, and helpful people (Feng Shui Palace). Each characteristic in the mapped area will be dominant in that energy field reflected in the space one is working with.

The Bagua, as stated by Hart, is "an authority on working with energy, and it tells you how to work with energy. Once you start using this etching or the Bagua, you are working with energy. I call Feng Shui acupuncture for a space. The Bagua is actually from sacred geometry, and it is the combination of a mother square and a father square."

The Bagua is also representative of the elements that are part of the earth. Because it is working with space, this is representative of the air that is part of the Feng Shui. The idea of mother and father combined creates water, which creates flow, according to Hart: "The union of the two creates water by its shape alone. Feng Shui means wind and water in Chinese. By the shape of this eight-sided figure, you are creating water and you are creating the flow. You start creating a flow in your life by using this Bagua."

If one wants to use a Bagua in their home, they can easily find a template and follow it to map out the different areas that relate to the specifics of their space. Each of these spaces will be divided differently geometrically, making it important to follow the template of the Bagua.
"The Bagua is," according to Hart, "a model Feng Shui practioners use, and it is the template you use to overlay and put over a sight: whether it is a home, a room, a desk, a bed, a body, your hand, your face. You overlay it over a space." By beginning to understand the Bagua and how it reflects the different areas of one's life, it can be used effectively to create the right energies and balance with Feng Shui.

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