Feng Shui And Candles

According to the principles of Feng Shui, candles can inspire creativity, rekindle passion, and help you achieve fame.

Candles are a source of light, warmth and beauty. And when used according to the principles of Feng Shui, they can also be a source of passion, creativity and recognition.

Developed in China thousands of years ago, Feng Shui is a method of interior design used to promote a peaceful and harmonious environment. It is based on the idea that energy, called chi, circulates throughout the environment and connects all living things. By directing this chi in certain ways, it is believed, you can improve specific areas of your life.

Feng Shui relies heavily on the use of "cures," objects believed to help alter the flow of chi. By placing these cures in strategic locations, it is thought you can enhance, maintain or calm that area's inherent chi. Light, including candles, is one of the most commonly used cures, representing fire energy. Fire energy can help increase passion, both in life and in relationships; can aid in self-expression; can help you cultivate concentration and focus; and can bring fame and glory into your life.

To intensify the effectiveness of candles, coordinate their size and color with their purpose. Using tall candles can enhance their impact, because their height represents tree energy, which fuels fire. And using red, the color of passion, may increase a candle's ability to help rekindle romance. Pay attention to the candle holder as well, as it has its own influence on the chi around it. The five elements--soil, tree, metal, fire and water--are of great importance in Feng Shui. Certain materials are associated with certain elements, for instance, the northeast is associated with soil energy, which is represented by china. By using a china candle holder, you would be incorporating into the environment soil energy, which represents caution, security and stability. To increase a candle's impact, choose a candle holder made of a material that represents the qualities you wish to introduce into your life.

In general, candles are used to enhance passion, self-expression and reputation. Their fire energy is a powerful way to activate chi and brighten up a room, and their influence can bring romance and fame into your life. To maximize their potential, follow these guidelines:

For recognition and fame: Use candles in the south sector of a room, home or garden to encourage high self-esteem and enhance reputation. The south corresponds to recognition and fame, and is associated with the fire element, so using candles in this area can activate chi and enhance its qualities.

For love and passion: The fire energy of candles can be used to strengthen or reinvigorate romantic relationships, especially if placed in the southwest corner of the bedroom or living room. Because the southwest represents marriage and romantic happiness, using the fire element here will enhance intimacy. And it's best to place the candles close together, because this symbolizes the closeness you wish to create with someone, and can help bring you closer together.

For inspiration: Draw on fire energy to help you develop new ideas. The fire element symbolizes self-expression, and with its influence you can tap into your inventive and creative side. If you need to spark your imagination, try looking at a candle while meditating. A single candle works best, because this provides a single point of focus for you to concentrate on.

For dark or damp rooms: When a room is dank or poorly lit, it creates a heavy, depressing atmosphere detrimental to the occupants. To alleviate this, place several candles in the south corner to create a brighter atmosphere. Candles can help brighten up a room or home that doesn't receive much sunlight, bringing more light and energy to the lives of the occupants.

To calm chi: While candles are most commonly used to enhance fire energy, they can also be used to calm chi. Using candles in the east or southeast can counteract the inherent qualities of those areas, because they are represented by the tree element, which is destroyed by fire. The east and southeast also symbolize growth and activity, so if you find your life has become too hectic, placing candles in these areas may bring more calm into your life.

Candles are a beautiful and powerful way to introduce fire energy into any space. Their influence can enhance career, love life, even creativity and imagination. With their help, you can achieve fame, strengthen romantic relationships and improve your ability to express yourself.

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