Feng Shui Color Choices For The Office

Make a powerful statement using Feng Shui color choices in your office or work area.

According to the ancient Chinese philosophical practices of Feng Shui, color can positively or negatively affect the dynamics of a room, especially a working space. So, why not maximize productivity and restore positive energy into your office by selecting Feng Shui colors suited to your working environment. Here is a listing of suggested color choices and their significance as well as a listing of colors to limit and/or avoid completely in your office"¦

Recommended color choices that can empower and energize your working relationships are yellow, red, purple, chestnut, and blue. These colors have beneficial significance as they can stimulate and enhance a working space providing harmony, joy,

And growth.

Yellow is an excellent color choice for a work environment. In China, it was once used solely by the Emperor and his kin since this is the color symbolizing control. It is also known to stimulate patience and tolerance thereby inducing fair thinking in a leader. Yellow is also known to be related to Earth elements and therefore stimulates mental energy and wisdom - by far a highly productive and ambitious color choice! Imagine the successful possibilities awaiting you when you paint your office in shades of yellow!

Red is related to the element of fire and is another very favorable color choice. Being the color of life, joy, and virtue, rooms painted in hues of red will flow with positive and zealous energy.

Purple is also favored as a recommended color since it symbolizes high ideals, including truth and love. It is also the color of great achieving thinkers such as philosophers, dreamers, writers, and visionaries. Painting your office in variations of purple can increase creativity that in turn can bring on productivity especially in a dull or lackluster work area.

Chestnut, as the name implies, like yellow, and is an element of Earth. It can encourage and strengthen decision- making skills, as it is known to stimulate a sense of predictability and stability.

Blue a water element is a wonderfully stable color option that brings a sense of consistency, balance, and loyalty into a room. It also fosters a feeling of reliability and calmness. Painting your office in shades of blue is a great color choice especially if many important negotiations are made in this work area.

Colors to use in moderation are white, black, and green. Depending on their use these colors have both positive and negative tones.

White, while believed to be the color of candor and purity, can also imply mourning, as this is its symbolic representation in China. However, if used in moderation, through an office, the color white can have a strong and beneficial implication. It can suggest openness to ideas. Too much use may create a cold, lifeless feel in a room and a lack of clarity in judgments.

Black, a very bold color is recommended for moderate use because it takes away light thereby decreasing an energy source. However, being the representational color of money and power, embellishments of this color within an office can increase profits and strengthen leadership skills.

Green is another color to be used sparingly in an office. Although it is an excellent color known to promote relaxation and healing while creating balance, it can slow and/ or prevent productivity.

Finally, gray is one color that could easily be avoided since it is associated with fear and depression and is known to create a complicated outlook.

So, power color your office today using the recommended Feng Shui color choices!

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