How Is Feng Shui Done In The Living Room?

How is Feng Shui done in the living room? Before rearranging the living room, a Feng Shui consultant needs to look at the entire house and learn its history. From there,depending on the desired outcome of the client, the practitioner adds and or removes objects from the environment.

The living room is the focal point for the household. This is where family members and guests gather and spend time together. Because the living room is shared equally by all members of the household, feng shui in the living room aims for a balance of power, harmony and comfort. No family member should be over-represented here.

Linda Binns is the founder and executive director of the Feng Shui Success Institute and owner of Harmony Inside. She says that when applying feng shui in the living room, you should begin by considering your over-all goals, determine whether you are trying to achieve general balance and harmony or if you have specific issues which you wish to address, then look at the entire house for elements which may impact your goals.

"The first thing I would do is get some information about what you were looking for. You may say, 'I just want to make sure everything is okay, everything is balanced, and that there is nothing wrong.' You may say, 'Well you know, I have some issues. I have money issues, or career issues, or relationship issues.'" After determining the goals of the consultation, she says, "Then, I would do a tour of the house, and I would be looking at everything that is impacting that issue for you." The history of the house can also provide important clues. Linda says, "I would be asking you things like, 'How long have you been staying in the house? Did somebody else live here before you? Why did they leave?' You can find a house where everybody who lived in this house seems to end up getting divorced, or everybody who lived in this house seems to end up having money problems. That is something that you can identify."

Consider how feng shui in the living room will fit into the balance of energy throughout the home. Linda says, "It is important to know what has been happening to you since you moved in that house. Have things been going really well or have you been struggling? Have you been struggling since you moved into the house in one or more areas? We need to look at all those things and find out what it is that we need to achieve. Then, I need to make suggestions to go along with that. There has to be balance."

When addressing feng shui of the living room itself, Linda starts with the larger items, "I would look at the placement of the furniture. Ideally, no one should have their back to the door." Being able to see the door is empowering, she says that, "it is not always possible to have every seat facing the door. The most important thing would be wherever you sit on a regular basis. You should be able to see the door. For visitors, this is not as important."

The next big issue in the living room is clutter. Obvious culprits are surfaces like coffee and end tables. Corners and hidden spaces underneath furniture can also accumulated energy stifling clutter and should not be overlooked. The television and other electronic equipment which typically dominates the living room creates its own clutter with unsightly wires, making the room feel less comfortable.

Clutter is not the only feng shui conflict that electronic equipment can create. It can also disrupt the energy balance and create tension. According to Linda, "There needs to be a storage place for everything. The electrical equipment, such as a TV, tends to dominate the room. Ideally we would want to have something like an entertainment center to close that off, so we can calm the room down a little bit when the TV is not in use."

Televisions are not the only major feature of the living room that can throw the room off balance. Linda says, "If you have a fireplace, for example, that is a very large feature of the fire element. I like to try and balance the fire elements with water elements. You can do this by putting either a mirror or a picture of water over the fireplace."

The end result of feng shui in the living room should be balance in the room itself and balance with the entire home. The living room should be inviting and comfortable for all members of the household creating an inviting atmosphere for the family to gather.

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