What Are The Feng Shui Elements?

What are the Feng Shui elements? The elements are fire, wood, wind, water, and metal. You want all the elements to be present in some way. Every element has a color that represents it, or different objects.

The feng shui elements are fire, wood, water, metal and earth. In working with the elements we can use the elements themselves or symbols of the elements. Each element is represented by a color and shape:

Fire = red, triangular, pointed

Wood = green, rectangular, columnar, vertical

Water = black, undulating, free-form

Metal = white, round, mounded

Earth = yellow, square, horizontal, flat

All of the elements need to be present, and there needs to be a balance. This does not have to be exact with perfectly equal amounts of each element. There are many ways to bring an element into a room. Feng shui consultant Linda Binns is the founder and executive director of the Feng Shui Success Institute and owner of Harmony Inside. She gives the following examples of how to introduce the elements:


"You can bring in the fire element with the color red. Anything in the red spectrum is fire. You can bring in actual fire, such as a candle, or a fireplace which will also represent fire even when there is not one burning. People and animals both represent fire. So, pictures that have people or animals in them all have the element of fire. A picture that has very bright sunshine or a volcano or something like that, would also be fire. Anything that is made from animal products, for example, leather, would also represent fire."


"The wood colors are blue and green. Wood elements also consist of anything made from wood. Wooden tables, for example, are ways of bringing in wood and pictures that have flowers, gardens, trees, and anything like that. Stripes or columns also represent wood. So if you had a fabric that had a stripe design on it, then that would be bringing in wood."


"The color that goes with water would be black or very, very dark tones. You can also bring in water with anything reflective or very shiny. For example a mirror, a plate or something that you could see your reflection in would bring in the element of water. A little fountain or something like that also does the job. A picture that has water in it, which could be an ocean, or lake, or a waterfall, something like that, will also bring in water. Anything that is free-flowing or anything that hangs down, for example, a spider plant, represents water."


"Metal would be white or very, very light pastel colors. Obviously, anything made of metal, anything that is round, or oval in shape, and arches would be bringing the elements of metal to a room. If you had a round wooden table, it would bring in the elements of wood and metal."


"Earth is represented by anything yellow, gold, or anything with an earthy kind of tone. You could bring it in with landscape pictures, landscape gardens, or anything like that. Anything ceramic, ceramic tile, terra-cottas, or anything similar represents earth. Also objects that are square or rectangular in shape would represent Earth."

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