Feng Shui For Modern Living

Learn to use Feng shui in these modern times.

Feng shui is an ancient chinese practice of arranging items in a room so that they are in balance and harmony with their environment. It takes the space in a room and makes it look more comfortable and full of energy.

Sarah Rossbach is the author of the book, Interior Design with Feng Shui. In this book, she explains how feng shui enhances positive feelings or chi within a room. Chi literally means universal energy. She also explains how to change a room around using feng shui. These changes can be applied to any room in the house.

1. Start with the floor. If you don't have a carpet, add a throw rug that is soft to the touch.

2. Don't use bright lights in the room. Use soft, small lamps or a floor lamp. Low lighting makes the room cozier.

3. When decorating the room, use soft, pale colors, such as pastels to keep the mood calm. If you want to add bright colors, use them as accessories, such as pillows or on the throw rug.

4. To add space to the room and open it up, hang a mirror on the wall or add a floor mirror in the room.

5. Have nature sounds, such as the ocean or rain playing in the room. Water is supposed to be a symbol of positive energy.

6. Lastly, use boxes to store things in, but don't put them under anything or the chi generated will be trapped there. Also, hang windchimes in the room which emit more positive energy.

These tips are a start to helping positive, universal energy flow through your home.

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