Feng Shui Myths

A guide to Feng Shui misconceptions and myths.

Human beings have naturally sought shelter since the dawn of time.Homes have provided protection from the elements, protection from predators, and at times, protection from other people.For thousands of years individuals have been using the principles of Feng Shui to bring harmony into their lives.But in harmony, there can also be discord.For Feng Shui that discord comes in the form of misconceptions and myths.

To begin with, Feng Shui does not just apply to remote and underdeveloped regions of Southeast Asia.Its principles are a manifestation of man and his environment; it has little, if anything, to do with culture.For this reason, Feng Shui can transcend geographical boundaries.Though there will be differences in applications from one society to the next, the general ideology remains the same.

Despite popular belief, Feng Shui is not a religion or a superstition.Rather, it is both an art and a science outlined in the Chinese Book of Wisdom called the "I - Ching".The art comes in the form of tapping into the living environment, to maximize the manipulation of flowing energy (ch'i).This is not an interior decorating project. All of this positioning is based on aligning buildings with the scientific patterns of the Earth's magnetic energy.

But Feng Shui is about aligning more than just buildings.The most commonly thought of location for Feng Shui is in the home, but it can be applied anywhere.Office buildings, schools, and hospitals can benefit from properly utilized principles, as can rooms within each structure.On a larger scale, neighborhoods, cities, and states can also be brought into harmony.Imagine the possibilities if Feng Shui were applied worldwide.

Another misconception, even among Feng Shui "experts," is that mirrors can manipulate the flow of ch'i as a metal element.Some will say that mirrors can absorb good energy and deflect bad energy, while others will say they treat all energy equally, intensifying it and making a room more active.The truth is that in traditional Feng Shui mirrors are used to comb your hair or to make a room look larger - not to enhance harmony or manipulate energy.The only exception was hundreds of years ago when mirrors were actually made of metal.Today's mirrors have no metal in them and they should not be used as anything other than a visual reflector or expander.

An additional myth is that to maintain Feng Shui harmony, one must be clutter free.This does not account for the unseen energies existing within the house.A person can be very artistic and spiritual and may have a house that is not organized.This house can still possess quite positive ch'i.Often the pursuit of active chaos can inspire the development of an increased energy flow, whether that energy is positive or negative depends more on what we can't see than what we can.

Some will also say that single women should not display art that portrays companionless figures or solitary subjects.The claim is that this will interfere with romantic relationships.However, according to true Feng Shui principles, art should be displayed and appreciated for aesthetic value and not shied away from.Other ideas that have been mistakenly perpetuated as Feng Shui principles include the notion that you should keep your toilet lid closed to avoid wealth from being flushed away, that the number 4 is unlucky, that a red door is lucky, images of fishes and frogs will bring prosperity, and antiques are a bad idea because of the old energies they possess (remember, the energies they possess may be positive or negative).All of these are not principles of Feng Shui, but rather misguided directions.

Myths and misconceptions regarding Feng Shui range from the comical, that if you have an aquarium and the fish die, they absorbed something bad that was supposed to happen to you; to the plausible, dried flowers symbolize death.The real truth though is if your fish die, you should have changed the water; and dried flowers are no more symbolic of death than wood or paper.If you choose to use the principles of Feng Shui to enhance your life, do your research.But don't just research printed material, research within your soul. Feng Shui can be a very powerful force, and energy manipulation can bring about dramatic results.Utilize the energy, understand the influence, and take charge of your destiny.

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