Feng Shui And Plants

Plants enhance the environment according to the principles of Feng Shui.

The time has come for transformation. Whether you are looking to create harmony in your mind, body, or spirit, effective use of the five elements of Feng Shui can be a powerful influence. The wood element can be very influential in matters of health, wealth, harmony, rebirth, and rejuvenation. If you want to improve the energy in these areas, live plants and trees will be your best option, as they have a powerful life and energy force.

Plants can be used to either enhance energies or redirect them. If you have a front door and exit door in alignment, then air and energy will flow too rapidly through the room or building. The result is that as it flows, it can take the occupant's health and wealth right with it. To slow down or buffer this, place a live plant or tree somewhere between these doors. If a house is built with a mountain on one side, that mountain serves to hold in the energy so that it doesn't flow too rapidly out of the dwelling. If there are no mountains around trees, bushes, and substantial plantings will serve this same purpose. This can help improve both health and finances for the occupants.

Plants should be strong and healthy. Plants with upright or pointed leaves are considered to be yang, and though they can bring negative energy, they can also serve to reactivate sluggish energy too. Plants with round leaves are used to calm energies, and should be placed in north corners. Plants in an office can help bring luck in a career; east, south, and southeast placement will maximize this luck. Thorny plants placed on the exterior of the home can provide protection. Fresh flowers can bring luck and fortune into the home. Just avoid having too many plants concentrated in the west, southwest or northeast.

The most popular plant used to enhance the Feng Shui of an environment is bamboo. It is a symbol of both longevity and good health. Some practitioners believe that there is also significance in the number of stalks. Three brings happiness, five enhance wealth, seven support good health, and twenty-one for universal blessing. Moreover this is a great choice for people who have trouble growing things, as it grows at a phenomenal rate with very little attention. If you do truly have a black thumb and can't grow anything, choose silks instead of keeping dead or sick plants around.

There are many other plants that can promote healing and good health. Select yellow flowers, herbs, medicinal plants, and fruit trees for their effects. The best location for optimal results is the east. Plants that are particularly purifying are also helpful; peace lilies, Boston ferns, and spider plants are ideal choices. Moreover lavender is an excellent selection for its healing properties and is perfect in a home where there is illness.

Examples of plants that enhance wealth are the jade plant and the orange tree. Some people even go so far as to plant a "money garden". If this idea appeals to you, here are some things to consider: choose a southeast location; red, purple, and royal blue are ideal for flower colors; avoid plants that are thorny or weedy; and use both annuals and perennials for a steady flow of wealth.

For longevity, luck, and spiritual development use plants such as the lily and the lotus, chrysanthemums and gardenias, the pear tree or the pine. By forcing narcissus bulbs to bloom at the New Year, you will bring good luck for the next twelve months. Jasmine is a great symbol of friendship; hydrangeas support achievement; and select orchids to enhance patience and endurance. Can't we all use a few orchids in today's society?

Whether you are seeking enhancement or transformation, the influence of Feng Shui is undeniable. Plants can do wonders to augment the change. They symbolize health, longevity, rebirth, rejuvenation, even fame and fortune. Used appropriately they will bring about dramatic results. Introduce healthy and vital plants into your environment and invite harmony into your life.

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