Feng Shui In Practice

Feng Shui consultants are concerned about the numerous false consultants arriving on the scene today because they're harming the image and understanding of Feng Shui.

Many of today's so called Feng Shui consultants are warning their clients that if something is wrong with their home then something will go seriously wrong within their personal lives. In reality these are not real consultants! Nevertheless, these fake consultants are desperately trying to have people take them seriously. This is angering many of those people who have been properly trained in the art of Feng Shui and thus are real, or true, consultants. One of these people who is being angered is Rosalyn Dexter. Her book, "Chinese Whispers" is the definitive guide to Feng Shui and she has been teaching this Oriental art form for numerous years now. In fact, it is partly due to her that Feng Shui has become an international interior design fashion.

Today you cannot pick up a magazine, turn on the television or enter into your local bookstore without being told how you are able to transform your home and life by simply rearranging your furniture and choosing your interior decorating color scheme according to Chi (energy). You can even go so far as to find articles that have been written about how to "Feng Shui your face!" Now many true consultants are saying "Enough is enough!"

This is especially true in areas where the Feng Shui "industry" has been taken over by con-men and its afficionados who are turning this ancient art of design into a religion. True consultants are concerned that nobody will heed their words of warning. Nevertheless, they will not be swayed from their course of action nor will they be silenced. Their main concern is with those false practitioners who are telling their clients that the alignment of their house will make them or their children quite ill.

Thoughts such as this are as bad as the utter superstition which is increasingly creeping into Feng Shui. True practitioners are unable to comprehend the occurrence of these things. They cannot believe that a large number of symbols are increasingly being viewed as icons or idols. A recent fad can be seen in the "three-legged frog," an emblem which is being used to symbolize wealth. In reality it is one of many samples of how an almost medieval, religiosity is creeping into the practice of Feng Shui. While nobody has been quite able to explain just where such ideas have come from, they definitely send many people into a panic wondering, "Where should I put my frog?" or "Where should I place my dragon?" Although you may be tempted to see this as comic, true consultants understand that there is a great power at work within Feng Shui. However this practice was never meant to become a religion and thus people should seek out their own symbols that have significance to them.

In this way it is unfortunate to note that Feng Shui has become a victim of its own success. The idea that by placing an object that symbolizes wealth in a specific corner of your front room you will maximize your earning potential, or that by placing a few well-chosen symbols in another corner you may enhance your reputation or win your boss' approval is almost a form of magic. At one time these concepts were quite foreign to people and yet today they have become a very common topic amongst interior designers. Herein lies the problem...

Nevertheless, it doesn't stop there. Publishers have also come to realize that by placing the words "Feng Shui" in a book's title they will be able to sell many more copies of that book. Thus there are a lot of related, yet different, teachings that are being sold as "Feng Shui." Nevertheless, these have nothing to do with true Feng Shui. For this reason people must become much more discerning.

The fears and superstitions that these books are creating have no place in Feng Shui. Traditionally the emphasis within this art form has been positive. It has taught many people how to live in harmony with the world's natural energy and how this can improve your life. Feng Shui was never meant to haunt people with dire consequences of what may happen when in actuality this has nothing to do with true Feng Shui.

Thanks to these false consultants a true Feng Shui consultant's job is now changing and becoming harder. Now they no longer have to simply teach people Feng Shui, they have to teach them to be discerning so that ignorance will not overcome wisdom. True consultants are seeing this as a sincere mission. They are motivated by the experiences of people who have found themselves panicking thanks to fake consultants who have scared people into believing that their lives will go haywire simply because their Southwest corner is not perfectly organized. It remains to be seen as to whether anyone will actually heed this call.

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