Free Feng Shui Tips

Plan for arranging a feng shui style bedroom.

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese theory of placement. It is based on the belief that an individual's relationship with his/her environment will have a positive or negative impact depending on the flow of energy. Literally, Feng Shui translates to "wind and water." One's bedroom is the room with the highest concentration of energy. Here are five practical Feng Shui tips for creating a room that will have you feeling tranquil and balanced with a positive flow of energy.

Tip 1: Clear the clutter - Clutter creates disorder and stress that in turn can lead to a loss of energy creating fatigue and depression. Your bedroom should be an inviting place of rest. Keep it clean, simple, and uncluttered to promote balance and well-being. Try not to make your bedroom a storage area. If possible, begin, by removing any unnecessary items. Pack up clothes you don't need everyday or simply don't wear. Find a place for shoes or other misplaced items left around the room. File away papers. Keep only that which is essential to your room. This will promote relaxation.

Tip 2: Remove the noise - A television, computer, stereo, and/or other electronic equipment are not recommended for the Feng Shui bedroom. These technological gadgets signify work and promote a feeling of being weighed down. Remember, a bedroom is a haven away from workloads. In order to create an environment of retreat, remove these items. If you absolutely cannot part with your electronics, then at least try placing a paneled screen or soft curtains over these heavy "work-loaded" items.

Tip 3: Let there be light and air - Create a sense of flowing energy or "yang" by opening up curtains or blinds in your bedroom. Remove heavy, dark drapery that blocks sunlight. Promote a natural sense of calm by painting your room in hues of soft blues and pastel greens.

Tip 4: A bed should rest at the head and center - The arrangement of your bed is very important in a Feng Shui bedroom. Since the bed is where you gain renewed energy each day, its place should promote life. Your feet should never be directly positioned in front of a door, as this is negative. According to Chinese tradition, this symbolizes a morbid position since dead bodies are generally taken away through doors feet-first. Sitting in bed, you should be able to see out the door, since by being able to see what can enter the room, you are in control. If your bed faces a door and other physical arrangements are not feasible, you can remedy this problem by placing a chest or a basket of decorative pillows to alter the path.

Tip 5: Leave an open path - For energy to flow, there must be a smooth sense of direction or "chi." To maintain freely moving "chi," make sure you can easily walk around without bumping into heavy furniture or unnecessary objects. Physically, create a walking path around your room, and walk this path. If furniture or other bulky items are blocking your path, remove them to make way for "chi."

With a few simple changes using these Feng Shui ideas, your bedroom can become one of the most pleasant and peaceful rooms in your home.

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