What Are Some Feng Shui Tips For The Bathroom?

What are some Feng Shui tips for the bathroom? The bathroom can be a tricky place for Feng Shui, but there are a variety of steps you can take to create balance. Feng shui is much older than indoor plumbing....

Feng shui is much older than indoor plumbing. Bathrooms are a relatively new feature in homes, and there is no place in the home that is really good for them. Bathrooms should be hidden as much as possible. If you are fortunate enough to be involved in choosing the placement of your bathroom, do not have bathrooms in the center of your house. Ideally the bathroom will be outside of the main circulation of energy. Try to ensure that the toilet is never visible from the rest of the house.

Linda Binns is the founder and executive director of the Feng Shui Success Institute and owner of Harmony Inside. She says, "Bathrooms are one of my challenging areas. Water represents energy and money. When water drains away or is exposed, it represents money draining away."

There are some remedies for the bathroom challenge. Keep bathroom doors closed and toilet lids down, add mirrors, place artwork in high places, add plants, using red to stop the energy from flowing out, and keep everything clean and in good working order.

Doors, lids and stoppers

Linda says, "We need to keep the bathroom doors closed as much as possible and the toilet seats down, because that minimizes the energy loss. Doing this helps minimize the affect of that energy loss on the rest of the house." Also, keep stoppers in the tub and sink drains when they are not in use.


There are many ways that mirrors can be used to improve feng shui in the bathroom. You can place mirrors all the way around the room, or simply have two facing each other. If that is not realistic for you, small mirrors can be used in inconspicuous places. Place small mirrors on the floor behind the toilet or in the tank of the toilet. These small mirrors must face up to lift the energy. Place a full-length mirror on the outside of the bathroom door to give the illusion that the bathroom disappears completely. This will also help to deflect energy away from the bathroom.

Look up

Placing artwork and other eye-catching object in high places will encourage people to look up when they are in the bathroom. This will also help to lift the energy.


Linda recommends using plants in the bathroom to counteract the energy drain. These can be real plants or representations of plants. "We have some water draining away, and plants symbolize new growth. So they help to balance out that draining affect of water. Bringing plants into the bathroom in some way helps. They could be real plants or silk plants. You could even have pictures that have gardens, flowers, or trees. It could be wall paint that has a flower design. Those are the ways of bringing in the plants," she says.

Stop the flow with red

Tie a red ribbon or use red tape around outgoing pipes. This will help keep the energy from flowing out.

While you want to stop the energy from flowing out through the drains in the bathroom, you do not want clogged drains. Everything should be in good working order and clean to promote good feng shui. Filth or broken items in the bathroom will accentuate negative energy.

Bathrooms are the most difficult area of the home in feng shui, but they are not impossible to remedy.

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