What Are Some Feng Shui Tips For The Bedroom?

What are some Feng Shui tips for the bedroom? The bedroom is the second most important part of the house, it is the closest to you and affects the way you sleep and feel. It is easy to neglect the bedroom....

It is easy to neglect the bedroom. Considered a personal and private space, the bedroom often becomes a dumping ground for clutter and messes, closed off from the rest of the house and hidden from view. In reality most people spend about one-third of their time in the bedroom, and it should be a comfortable and inviting space.

People who are single and struggle in attracting a mate may find the state of their bedrooms very telling. A bedroom that is overflowing with your own personal items, with no room for a partner, often represents a life that leaves no room for a partner as well. A tense or unhappy environment in the bedroom can cause tension and struggle in your relationships.

Linda Binns, founder and executive director of the Feng Shui Success Institute and owner of Harmony Inside talks about the importance of the bedroom, "If your front door is the most important part of your house, then the second most important part of your house is your bedroom, your personal bedroom. It is the room that is closest to you, and it has the biggest impact on you. Unfortunately, it is the room that people often decorate or take care of last, because they tend to focus on the other areas of the house that people are going to see. Because it is so close to you and has such a major impact on you, it really determines how you feel about yourself, your life. It affects your sleep. It affects your health. It affects your relationship, and it affects so many other things. You should absolutely love your bedroom. It should be your favorite room in the house, and it should be your personal sanctuary."


Clutter is bad for any part of the house, but the bedroom seems to be a clutter magnet. The bedroom is home to many clutter accumulating areas such as closets and under the bed. Bad habits, like throwing dirty clothes in a pile on the floor, come naturally to even the tidiest of people and after working hard on the more visible parts of the house, most of us feel entitled to mess up our bedrooms. While the bedroom should be relaxing, it should not be cluttered and messy. Linda says, "We do not want clutter in the bedroom. We do not want things stored under the bed. Many, many people have too much stuff that they do not necessarily use, and it literally holds the energy in the home to become stagnant and unbeneficial. Many people with a lot of unused junk or clothes, feel stuck in their lives. The bedroom should be very peaceful and calming and just have your favorite things. So really purging that stuff, going through your material things and making sure you only keep what is current to you, will help. Keep only what you love."


The most common distraction in the bedroom is the television. Televisions create energy that works against rest. They can also cause problems between couples by creating a power struggle, fighting over who decides what to watch. When the television is the focal point in the bedroom the focus is no longer on you. Couples who have problems where one or both partners feel that their needs are neglected or that they are not being "heard" can often solve this problem simply by taking the TV out of the bedroom or minimizing its prominence in the room. According to Linda, "We do not want a TV in the bedroom. The bedroom should be peaceful and calming. A bedroom is for rest, relaxation, romance, not for fighting. If you have to have a TV in the bedroom, I would put it in a cabinet that you can close."


Artwork and other visual images in the bedroom should encourage love, harmony and romance. Images of couples and pairs, and anything that signifies romance to you personally work well in the bedroom. Pictures of your children do not belong in the bedroom. People who are single and struggle with finding a partner may want to take a look at the d├ęcor in their bedrooms. In the bedroom, images of men and women alone can discourage the formation of healthy relationships.

Beds and doors

If one side of your bed is against the wall it can create a power struggle in your relationship. One partner may feel boxed in, confined, and uncomfortable. Place the bed so the there is equal space on both sides. The door should be visible from the bed, but not directly in line with it. In feng shui doors are very important because they control the flow of energy in the room. Doors should open freely, and should never be blocked by furniture or piles of laundry.

In feng shui, the bedroom is the most important room in the house. How you treat your bedroom directly reflects how you treat yourself and how you feel about your relationships. Taking the time to make your bedroom a comfortable and inviting space will help to bring harmony and happiness into your life.

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