Feng Shui Tips: What Is Chi And How Can You Use It To Your Advantage?

How fung shui is used to influence chi, and gives tips on how people can use chi to their advantage.

According to the ancient philosophy of Taoism, also known as The Way, chi is the energy that flows through the universe.In Taoism, everything is composed of two opposite, yet complimentary energies, called yin and yang. Together these two energies form chi. Chi is a part of everything in the world, both living and non-organic. It flows throughout the universe, and because it is a living, moving force, we can influence how it moves, and thus, how we are affected by it.Feng shui is the ancient art of influencing the movement of chi.

There are a number of different things you can do to use chi to your advantage, depending upon what you want the outcome to be.Most people who use feng shui use it in their homes to positively affect their lives there, as well as in their offices to increase worker productivity and business.

Every space, whether it is used for home or business, is divided into nine areas. Imagine a grid of nine equal squares. The top left square is wealth, middle top is fame and reputation, and right top is love relationships.The middle left square is family, the middle is the earth, and right is creativity and children. The bottom left square represents knowledge, the middle square is career, and the bottom right is friends and travel.Now superimpose this grid on your house, turned so that if it was a giant map, you could read it standing at your front door.You will see which section of your house corresponds to which section on the grid.

When you know where each section of your house is, you can use different techniques for influencing the chi there to your advantage.Here is each section with the colors and elements associated with it and tips on using chi to your advantage:

Wealth: The color associated with this area is purple, so you will want accents of this color in this room. Wood is the element associated with wealth, so place wooden items here. Place items in this room that symbolize anything you would like to own. For example, if you want a new car, place a model car in this room.An amethyst is also a symbol of wealth, so place one somewhere in this room.A water fountain or a picture of water will help the chi flow through that room, and bring more wealth with it.Have something expensive in this room, such as a pricey piece of art.

Fame and reputation: The color for fame is red and the associated element is fire. You'll want to use red accents here, and since the element is fire, red candles would be particularly appropriate. To use chi in this area for your advantage, put something here that reminds you of what you want to be famous for. A writer could put a book; an artist could use a painting.

Love relationships: The color for this area is pink and the corresponding element is earth. To increase your chi for love, you should place pictures here of your loved one, or pictures of the two of you together. Pink quartz helps you attract and keep love, and pairs of anything can also help your love chi: pictures of two animals that mate for life, two candles, or two of hearts of some kind.

Family: The color you need to use in this area to enhance your chi is green and the element is metal.If you want to improve family relations, put up family pictures in metal frames. Plants work well in any area to increase chi, but particularly in the family area.

Health: The color used in this area is yellow and the element is earth. If you want good health, use lots of yellow here. Flowers are nice, or pictures of yellow flowers, and use plenty of pottery vases or display pieces.

Creativity and children: The color for this area is white, and the element is metal. If you want to give birth""either to kids or to new ideas""work on enhancing chi in this area.Use white flowers and candles, favorite childhood memorabilia, or something you have created.

Knowledge: The color for this area is blue and the element is wood. You can change your chi in this area by using primarily wooden objects here""furniture and picture frames, perhaps.Placing books here on subjects you wish to know more about will also help your chi.

Career and travel:Colors for this area are black and indigo, and the element is water. If you want a new career or get ahead in your current one, you can use the chi here to your advantage by placing in this area water items, such as fountains and pictures of water. Glass items are good, too, and any items related to water, such as fish, seashells, and tropical pictures.

Friends, influential people, and travel: The colors here are gray, silver, and white, and the element is metal. If you desire helpful people in your life, or wish to travel, you can use chi in this area to your advantage by displaying photos of friends, people who have characteristics that you admire, and places to which you would like to travel.

Doing some or all of these things will help you use chi to your advantage, but perhaps the most important thing to remember is your intention. Every action you do in order to manipulate chi should be done mindfully, with your whole mind on the activity and with every intention that what you are doing will bring about the results you want. That, far and away, is the best possible way to influence chi to your advantage.

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