Feng Shui Tips For Emotional Health And Stability

How to use Feng Shui principles to achieve emotional health, mental clarity, balance and stability.

Feng Shui is often touted as a way to help you solve problems simply be rearranging a room or putting an important object in the right place in your home. It may sound too good to believe, but people who practice the ancient Chinese art say that simple changes can make a big difference in people's lives.

Feng Shui is often translated as "the way of wind and water" and it acknowledges the natural forces that affect everything in the universe. By manipulating and directing that energy, Feng Shui practitioners say, you can change all aspects of your life, from getting a new job or creating more prosperity for your family to attracting good friends or health.

Let's say you want to focus on emotional health and stability using Feng Shui. The first thing you need to do is apply the bagua to your home or room (you can use the shape to define places of importance throughout your home or within one room, such as your bedroom or office). The bagua is the form that defines areas in the home (wealth, reputation, relationships, health, creativity, knowledge, career, helpful people and the center).

To use the bagua, draw a picture of your room or home. If the area you are mapping is square or rectangular, the whole room will be covered. If not, you may need to chop off the odd parts for the purposes of this exercise. Draw a square over the major part of the room, and then divide this square into three equal parts. Then divide into thirds the other way so that you have nine equal squares within your larger square.

Now you can label the squares to show what they represent in your home, room or office. Regardless of the way the room is shaped or how you drew it, the entrance to the room should be at the bottom when you begin to label spaces. Once you have the map situated properly, the labels follow from left to right and top to bottom: wealth and prosperity, fame and reputation, relationships and marriage, health and community, center, creativity and children, knowledge and self-cultivation, career and life path, and helpful people and travel.

How do you use this knowledge to improve your life? It depends on what aspect you are working with. If we again take the example of emotional stability, you might find that several of these areas could have an impact, depending on what your specific problems are. If you are fighting with your spouse, for instance, you would want to focus on the relationships and marriage section. If your problem is with your job, you will need to look at the career section. If you lack confidence and that is the root of your emotional problems, focus on the knowledge and self-cultivation section. If you're insecure about money you might look to the wealth section or the helpful people section if you're in need of a financial planner or therapist.

These few examples show you how all aspects of life are connected, how hard it can be for an outsider to diagnose your problems, and what might help you. So if you are looking to improve a particular part of your life that will make you feel more emotionally stable, perhaps you can find the sector on the map that most suits your needs.

Now that you have labeled your space and found the place you need to focus your attention, how do you go about making changes that will affect your emotional health and stability? First, look at the sector of your room or home that is labeled with that aspect. Is there a window or door in this sector? A window allows positive energy to flow out of a space, so you might need to cover the window with heavy drapes to keep the energy in your home.

If a window is not your problem, look at how the space is organized. Is there anything in that space? Is it full of clutter and things you don't use? Or is there something nice there to look at and reflect on? If the space is cluttered, clear it out. The clutter affects the ability to pick up good energy, so if there is junk in the space that represents the aspect you are trying to improve, you won't see any progress until you clean it up. And if there's nothing in that space, place something meaningful there, something that represents the spiritual and emotional growth that you would like to go through, for instance. You could make a collage or find a picture of something that represents emotional health to you and place it in that area, or use a religious symbol or something else that brings peace to your mind. When you walk by that area, take a second to stop and look at the item and think about the positive changes you want to bring about in your life.

If you find that it is difficult to keep clutter out of the area you are focusing on, you might need to examine what inner thoughts are keeping you from making changes in this area of your life. Perhaps there is something larger holding you back.

If you're having trouble deciding which area to focus on, here are some more details about each sector and how they can influence your emotional health. The wealth section has to do with abundance and gratitude, so clutter there might represent blocked energy, keeping other people from helping you or keeping you from recognizing help.

Fame and reputation deals with how people in the community see you and integrity. Focus on this sector can bring you the emotional high of being respected and admired in your community. Relationships deals with similar things but with those people who are closest to you, family, coworkers and friends. If you're dealing with a conflict at work you might want to focus on this section in addition to the career sector. Health and family is an obvious on to focus on because it has to do with all aspects of your health and the health of your relationships.

The center is another good choice to focus on when you are dealing with changes in your emotional health because this sector has to do with harmony, balance and being emotionally centered. The creativity and children section is also said to deal with mental clarity, so if your emotional problems stem from confusion focusing on this area may help. Self-cultivation deals with personal growth, which is often necessary to achieve balance and harmony in our lives. The career section deals not only with the work you are doing right now but with your higher purpose; if that's what you are looking for you might want to clean out this area of your space.

Finally, helpful people and travel has to do with attracting clients or mentors, people who will help you on your journey to emotional health. So it's easy to see that clearing up any of these aspects of your space could have an effect on your emotional well-being. Feng Shui is not an exact science, but it can make a big difference in the way you look at your life and your surroundings.

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