Where to File Taxes Online

By Diane Dilov-Schultheis

  • Overview

    Filing your taxes online is called "electronic filing" or "e-filing". It is the fastest method to use to file your taxes each year. Tax forms are filled out online and can be sent electronically to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). It includes a series of financial questions to respond to. The answers you supply are automatically put on the required line of the IRS tax form needed. Several websites offer this service. Online filing is free for qualifying taxpayers. It is accessible for individuals, businesses, the self-employed, large and mid-size corporations, charities, nonprofits and others.
    File Taxes Online
    • Step 1

      Check the IRS website for ideas of where to file taxes online. The IRS has links to various places to use for online filing. Click on the appropriate link to find out where you can file your taxes online. Each link provides information pertaining to the specific type of taxpayer (individual, self-employed, nonprofit, etc.) selected.
    • Step 2

      File your federal taxes free online and pay for state tax filing. Some online tax-filing websites offer free federal e-filing with options to include a state tax return for an added price. You choose what services you want or options you need. The prices vary depending on your selections. TaxACT and TurboTax both offer this type of online tax filing.

    • Step 3

      Use a well-known tax preparer to file your taxes online. H&R Block has a website you can utilize to file your taxes. You can choose from several tax-filing packages depending on your needs. The different options you can select include importing your tax information, audit support, tax advice, maximum refund guarantee, professional review, H&R Block Guarantee and unlimited, year-round tax advice.
    • Step 4

      Get a loan on your tax return. RapidTax offers online tax-filing packages along with loan options. If you need to get your return quickly, check the website for more details regarding a "Rapid Access Loan" on your tax refund. You can also add other options such as state tax returns, professional reviews, professional bound file copies, 3-year safeguarding or audit protection and more.
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  • Tip: Make sure you check the IRS website to see if you qualify to file your taxes online for free. Use the links provided on the IRS page to file your taxes free online.
  • Warning:
  • Verify the security of the online tax-filing website before you reveal any personal information. Check the bottom of the web page for IRS approval or other security certifications.

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