How to Fill Epson 69 Ink Cartridges

By Chris Moore

  • Overview

    Refilling an Epson 69 Ink cartridge is easy. The best part is that the cartridges are transparent so you can easily tell when they are full. Getting them to work in the printer after refilling is another matter. The Epson 69 cartridges contain a chip that reads the ink level to the printer. The printer won't work if the level reads low, and refilling the cartridge alone won't change the chip's reading. You must get the chip to reset along with refilling the ink before the 69 cartridge will work in your printer again.
    • Step 1

      Remove the rubber stopper from the cartridge's filling hole. There are two rubber stoppers on opposite ends of the cartridge. The filler hole is located close to the flat tab that sticks out of the cartridge. The other is the air hole.
    • Step 2

      Fill a plastic syringe bottle with about five milliliters of the color ink you need (each cartridge contains only one shade). Any syringe bottle should work, but one that comes with a refill kit specifically for Epson cartridges will work best.

    • Step 3

      Insert the syringe needle through the filing hole. Get as much of the needle into the cartridge as you can to make filling it as easy as possible.
    • Step 4

      Fill the cartridge by raising the syringe plunger to draw five milliliters of air into the bottle and then letting go of the plunger. The ink will flow into the cartridge on its own. Avoid pushing down on the plunger, or the ink will spray out of the cartridge.
    • Step 5

      Place the rubber stopper back in the fill hole after filling. Repeat all of the above until the cartridge is completely refilled.
    • Step 6

      Reset or replace the chip within the cartridge. There are chip resetting devices you can purchase or software you can download (see the links below in the Resources section) that will reset the chip to read that the cartridge is full. Otherwise, you may have to take the cartridge to a computer store and see if the staff can replace the chip.
    • Step 7

      Remove the stopper from the air hole before placing the cartridge in the printer.
    • Skill: Moderate
    • Ingredients:
    • Syringe bottle
    • Bottles of ink
    • Chip resetter/software
    • Tip: It may be easier to use the Epson 68 cartridge in your printer if you can, since it won't have the chip.
    • Tip: It is okay to remove the stopper from the air hole while refilling. This might make it easier, especially after the first refill.

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