How to Fill an HP Printer 5440 Ink Cartridge

By Robert Vaux

  • Overview

    The HP Deskjet 5440 printer is a simple dilettante's model, designed to be used for household documents and photography printing. The coast in 2009 is about $165--more expensive than some printers but offering improved photo quality in compensation. It typically uses HP 92 (black) and HP 93 (color) cartridges, though numerous manufacturers produce compatible cartridges which go by different names. Instead of replacing them when they run out, you can refill the ink in them using an ink refill kit. HP 92 and HP 93 cartridges are among the easiest types to refill.
    • Step 1

      Place the empty cartridge on a work surface that you don't mind getting stained. In an office or home environment, you might want to lay down some newspapers or paper towels first.
    • Step 2

      Peel back the label on the cartridge. With the black cartridge (HP 92), you'll see 5 little holes. You want to focus on the one that's closest to the little strip of copper: this one leads to the inkwell. With the color cartridge (HP 93), there will be 5 holes as well. The one nearest the top is for the yellow ink. The one on the lower left is for the magenta ink and the one on the lower right is for cyan. (This assumes that you have the cartridge facing top up, with the label facing you so that you can read it properly before you remove it.)

    • Step 3

      Take a syringe from an ink refill kit and fill it with the precise amount of ink you require. The HP 92 and 93 hold 5 ml of each different type of ink.
    • Step 4

      Insert the syringe needle into the proper hole and very slowly depress the plunger. Allow the inkwell to fill with ink.
    • Step 5

      Remove the needle and replace the label if you like. (The cartridge doesn't require it to function, however.) Put the cartridge back in the printer and run 1 to 3 cleaning cycles to make sure its all shipshape. You should then be able to print normally.
    • Skill: Easy
    • Ingredients:
    • Used HP 92 or HP 93 cartridge (or compatible model from another company)
    • Ink refill kit
    • Newspapers or paper towels
    • Tip: Ideally, you shouldn't start printing right away, but rather let the refilled cartridge sit for a few hours. HP 92 and 93 cartridges use sponges which must absorb the ink before they will work properly. The more time you can give it before printing again, the more the sponge will be saturated and ready to go.
    • Warning:
    • Be careful when adding ink that you don't overflow the inkwell (which will make a mess). You may want to fill it with only 4 ml of ink or 4.5 ml until you get used to refilling it. It will still print for quite some time and you avoid the risk of spills or stains.

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