Finding Cheap Auto Insurance Rates And Quotes

Saving money and finding cheap car insurance rates and quotes consists of knowing what the factors are that create high premiums.

You just paid your car insurance bill, and like most of us wonder if there is anything you could do to lower your insurance premium. That will depend upon many factors, your age and your gender being the two factors that jump to mind. Those two factors you can't change, unless you are 16 years old, in which case wait a few years and your premium will drop.

There are other factors that determine your premium rate and sometimes that is something you can do something about. Your driving record, the number of tickets, and accidents you have had plays a large role in the determination of your premium rate. Accidents are generally purged after 35 months, depending upon the insurance company. Tickets on the other hand can cause your premium to remain high for 5 years. If you have tickets, or accidents on your license, then your best bet may be to shop around; some insurance companies will have lower rates even for those with tickets.

Where you live is also an important factor to consider. If you live in a major metropolitan area your premiums are more than likely going to be higher, due to the large amount of traffic you will encounter each day. Moving to a rural area may lower your premium, although some insurance companies will charge more for a longer commute to work. Check various insurance companies to see if they have a lower rate for your community than your current insurance company.

Some occupations cause your insurance rates to be higher, primarily those that have a great deal of travel as part of their position. People such as real estate agents, paper delivery persons, and landscapers who normally spend a portion of their workday traveling between work sites will have higher premiums. You may be able to use a portion of the larger premium to decrease your taxes, but check with your tax advisor first.

Many companies will offer a decrease in premium for security measures, such as car alarms, and carports. You should also look at discounts for good students, defensive drivers classes and combining your home insurance along with your car policy. Many times you can get a considerable discount if all your vehicles and your home are insured through the same company. Compare the various policies first to find the one that best fits your needs.

You can lower your premiums with a higher deductible, but be cautious, if you can't afford the deductible then you are not really saving anything. Look at the age and value of your vehicle with a realistic eye. If you have an older vehicle that is worth less than what you are paying in premiums it doesn't make much sense to have full coverage, on the other hand with a new car you would be foolish not to have full coverage.

Don't underestimate the value of building a business relationship with your insurance agent. Many times your agent can advise you on ways to decrease your premiums. Don't forget that independent insurance agents represent more than one company, so they can shop around amongst the companies they represent to find the best insurance rate for your particular situation. Different insurance company's look at statistics in different ways and when you boil it all down, that is how an insurance company determines what rate group you fall into.

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