Finding Cheap Kid Clothes

There are cheaper ways to clothe your kids than buying brand new. Visit the local thrift store or consignment shop and save money.

The cost of children's clothing is outrageous. The more children you have, the more you have to spend. Right? Not necessarily. If you shop wisely, you can even make money while economizing on your children's clothing.

Instead of buying all of your children's clothing from a retailer, why not buy some/many second-hand items from a consignment shop or thrift store?

If you begin this habit early in the lives of your children, it will become a habit for them and for you.

When the children get older you can have them participate in the purchasing routine. Offer each of your children $20 and allow them to choose their own items. This will provide them with a valuable lesson in money management. It will also offer them the opportunity to be responsible for choosing their own style of clothing.

If you feel your child will balk at the idea of wearing someone else's used clothing, don't let them know it's second-hand. Wash the items before placing them in your children's drawers. When and if they notice them, you can say you thought they would like it, so you bought it for them. It's the truth.

You have delighted your children with new clothing (new for them) and you have saved yourself some money. The idea is to save you money while keeping your growing children clothed.

What is the difference between a thrift store and a consignment shop?

A thrift store is a store location that is run by an organization like the Salvation Army or Goodwill. These organizations are in business to help our less fortunate individuals in our communities.

Thrift stores will accept any donation of clothing, furniture, household appliances and items, toys, books and sporting accessories. Their items are always very low in price. Anyone can shop at a thrift store.

A consignment shop is a store that is privately owned and operated. The owner accepts other individual's previously enjoyed items and prices them for sale. Most consignment shop owners will take 50% of the profit of the sale and offer the remaining 50% to the original owner. Consignment shops are opening everywhere, as there is a demand for quality used items at affordable prices.

The majority of consignment shops sell children's clothing/accessories and women's clothing/accessories, usually in different storefronts.

Now you have two opportunities to buy inexpensive clothing/accessories for your children, without breaking the bank. The added benefit of a consignment shop is that when your children have outgrown their originally owned and/or hand-me-downs, you have the option of selling them at a consignment shop.

As many consignment shops won't accept anything with a stain, tear or hole, you can donate those unsellable items to your local thrift store. Although you won't make any money, you will have helped out your community and other individuals less fortunate that yourself.

Thrift stores and consignment shops may not be ideal for the first time parent who wants her child to be wearing only new clothes. But for the parent, who has more than one child, has experienced how fast children grow through their clothes and has a limited budget, this is a great money saving option.

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