Finding A Cheap Wedding Reception Location

When your budget is tight, it can make planning the wedding of your dreams challenging. Challenging, however, does not mean impossible.

Even though your wedding is something you'll want to remember for a lifetime, there are some benefits to being frugal: you won't go into years of debt for a single event, you'll avoid a great deal of financial stress, and you'll be able to put more of your savings and gifts to the life after the wedding (which will last much, much longer than the reception).

Reception locations typically take up 50% of the wedding budget. If you are able to find an inexpensive location, that will free up more of your budget to go towards other things, such as your dress, or to be pocketed later. Here are some ways to find a cheap wedding reception location:


You might be surprised what beautiful courtyard lurks behind a local private school or business, or that a historic home has a ballroom waiting to be rented. Once I knew a video store owner who had a gorgeous party room he made in the basement of his establishment, with crystal lights, a bar and a dance floor, which he would rent out for group events and meetings. While some places may not seem it, the perfect wedding location may be lurking just beyond a nearby door. Many of these untraditional places can be obtained for a fraction of the cost of a traditional wedding hall. Ask around- you might be surprised what you find.


Many public places, such as beaches and parks, offer inexpensive, or even free places to hold events. While you may not have a lot of privacy from onlookers, this may be the option for you, especially if you are willing to go informal. Remember to check with the local parks and recreation department for restrictions and regulations, as well as to obtain the proper permits for the event.


Your own house, or the house of a generous friend or relative, can make for a nice, intimate wedding reception. If they have a nice yard to spruce up, all the better. Make sure there is ample room for your guests to move around. Take some of the pressure off of your hosts by hiring servers and a clean-up service, as well as a valet to park your guests cars. You may also wish to consider renting a couple of nice portable bathrooms to put off to the side so that guests won't be lined up in the hallway.

Don't rule out co-ops, condos and apartment buildings, which sometimes have a party room or recreation area available for residents to use at a low cost.


See if your church has a yard or rec hall they would be willing to rent to you, or provide for you with a donation. If so, they will probably even have tables and chairs for you to use. This is a great option, since you guests will be able to go right from the ceremony to the reception without having to travel anywhere. Just as if you are using a home, it may pay to hire servers and a clean-up crew for convenience.


Most traditional wedding halls are booked from April to October, which is known in the business as wedding season. If you had your heart set on a particular wedding reception hall, see if you can get a deal by planning a January wedding.

Some reception halls can be expensive, and some can only seem expensive. Some locations provide nothing but space, and even tables and chairs come with additional fees. Others, however, provide complete package deals that will take care of everything from set-up to clean-up, including your food, tableware, and even your cake. When you consider that the one price will cover everything, it can be cheaper than paying for all of these things individually, and save you a lot of time in finding them separately.

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