Fish Figurines For The Fisherman In Your Life

If you need a creative gift idea for the fisherman in your life consider figurines.

Gift giving occasions come around year after year and everyone knows it's easy to run out of ideas; face it, your brother doesn't need that late night TV infomercial special. A better way to get new ideas is to consider a person's hobbies. For example, if you have a fisherman in your life, fish figurines can add a wealth of possibilities to your list of ideas. And luckily for the gift giver, buying a figurine isn't all that complicated, even if you don't know a creel from a Coho.


In order to make your gift as personalized as possible, you'll want to pick a species of fish that has meaning for him, not just any old guppy off a shelf. In order to do that, the first thing you'll need to consider is the specific kind of fishing he enjoys. Does he fish on a lake, in rivers or in the ocean? Is there a particular kind of fish he enjoys catching the most? Does it vary from season to season? If you still aren't sure, try secretly asking his fishing buddies or other family members about his favorites.

Second, consider whether he'd like a figurine that commemorates past accomplishments or one that inspires him to keep trying for "the one that got away". Maybe he has cherished memories of fishing with Dad or Grandpa and a figurine would help him relive a few days of his youth. Maybe his dream trip would be fishing for salmon in Alaska or does he annually yearn for fresh trout? These are only a few example of how to further personalize his gift. Again, you can check with family or old friends for more ideas.


Now that you've decided what kind of figurine you want to purchase, you'll have to find it. Even though it probably won't be as easy as walking into your local mall, there are many possibilities here too. Your four main shopping options will likely be: gift shops, art galleries/shows, outdoor adventure stores, and surfing the net.


If you are lucky enough to live near a lake or ocean tourist area, seasonal gift shops might be your first stop. Many of them carry all sorts of souvenir items pertaining to all things fishing and boating. Some are even open in the off season but if not, check the internet for a website. For an even more unique gift, try antique stores as they will offer vintage pieces that you likely won't find any place else.


Art shows and galleries are another excellent source for one of a kind figures; look for shops or booths that specialize in wildlife art or water recreation activities. If your fisherman is also on the creative side, let your imagination run wild and purchase an abstract piece. Depending on your budget, you might also consider custom work. Art shows put you directly in touch with artists who can create a one of a kind masterpiece for your special someone. Art gallery owners should be able to do the same.


When you shop with your fisherman, does the trip always include one of those hunting and fishing stores? If so, pay closer attention to what they offer for home d├ęcor. Many have entire sections dedicated to decorating everything from living rooms to a home office. They might even have a catalog with an even wider selection. If you like a bargain, look at the end of a fishing season when stores are clearing shelf space for the next one.


Obviously, the possibilities are almost endless on the net. EBay alone has years worth of gift ideas. Also, to help narrow your search, check back with the outdoor sports store to see which artist's work they stock. Search for his or her website; anyone selling to major chain stores will likely have one. Also, if you cannot approach artists at local shows because your fisherman is with you, discreetly pick up a business card and go to their website later. Using keywords like fish figurine, replica or wildlife art will also yield plenty of results.

As you can see, it is easy to shop for the fisherman in your life by simply using some creative "fishing" strategies of your own.

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