How To Fit Airhorns To Your Car

Make yourself heard with a set of airhorns. Here's how to fit them to your car.

Want to get noticed on the road? Then, how about making yourself heard with a set of air horns? Check the legalities in your area before you invest in your horns, however, as some areas only allow horns that give a single note. Air horns can be purchased in kits. In the kit you'll get the horns, a compressor, a relay, wiring and plastic tubing and an adaptor piece for connecting the compressor and horns together. To fit your horns you may also need an in-line fuseholder, connectors and a fuse.

Here are the steps to follow in fitting your horns:

(1) Fit the horns behind the front grille or the front bumper. Mark, center punch and drill holes to allow you to bolt them in place.

(2) Fit the compressor in the engine bay, making sure it is well away from the exhaust as well as any engine spray. Again drill holes to allow you to bolt it in place.

(3) Use the adaptor in your kit to connect the compressor to the horns. Cut the tubing to length and connect one piece to each horn. Then connect to the adaptor stubs. Run the tubing through a slot in the front panel to the compressor.

(4) Wire up the horn with a simple relay system that will allow you to operate it with the original horn. You can also fit a switch which allows you to cut out the air horns when you want to. Your kit will have detailed instructions of how to wire up these circuits.

(5) Find a point in the engine bay for the relay. Then drill and secure it with a self tapping screw. Run a wire from one of the relay operating terminals to the existing horn. Connect this to the horn's operating wire with a Scotchlok connector. Run a wire from the other operating terminal to the dash.

(6) Crimp a spade connector to a short length of wire, then fit it to the terminal to be earthed on the compressor. Crimp a tag connector to the end of the wire, then attach it under one of the compressor's mounting bolts. Run a wire from the terminal of the compressor to one of the switch terminals on the relay.

(7) Fit a spade connector at one end of the live wire and a connector to the other. Cut the wire and fit an in-line fuse-holder. Attach the wire to the battery terminal then fit a fuse into the holder.

(8) Fit the switch into a convenient hole in the dash, or hang it underneath on a bracket. Crimp a spade connector to the wire coming from the relay, and fit it into one of the switch terminals. Finally run a length of wire from the other terminal to a nearby earthed screw or bolt.

You now have a set of air horns fitted to your vehicle. Enjoy them but, at the same time, don't become a pain in the ear to the residents of your neighbourhood. Show a little consideration in the use of your new car adaptation and everyone will be a lot happier.

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