Five Fun Books For Toddlers

Five fun and unique board books to read with your children, including Dinosaurs, mice, farm animals and Dr. Seuss!

Reading to your child at an early age has many benefits and gives you a chance to snuggle with your little one as well. Here are five unique books that you might not have heard of that are especially fun for little ones from two to five! All of these are board books, with solid pages your little one can safely hold and nice large pictures to enjoy.

* Moo, Moo, Peekaboo! By Jane Dyer. This is a Peek-a-Board book, which means it's a board book with cutouts to peek ahead with. This is a darling story, sure to charm your little one. Each page has a family of farm animals, with rhyming phrases describing what that animal says. A little window provides a sneak preview of the animals on the next page. Children as young as 18 months up to four will delight in this story and in predicting the next animal family!

* Dinosaur Roar! By Paul and Henrietta Stickland. Outrageous cartoon dinosaurs, all delightfully adorable, provide a series of contrasts in this easy rhyming book. There are fast and slow dinosaurs, clean and slimy dinosaurs, and more - all with bright colorful cartoon illustrations that will get your child giggling. Children three to five will enjoy reciting the story along with you, and absorb the comparisons without ever realizing they're learning!

* Mouse Count by Ellen Stoll Walsh. A truly delightful tale of ten adventuresome mice, who fall asleep and are captured, one by one, by a hungry snake. Don't worry, though, the snakes greed and the creativity of the mice give us a happy ending. Toddlers two to five will enjoy counting the mice and reciting the story with you.

* Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh. Those wonderful mice from Mouse Count are back. Here, three white mice find - and jump into - three bottles of paint. As they run across the paper, they leave puddles of colored paint, and then their wet footprints mix the colors together to make new colors! Your little one will have a ball in the most unique way of learning how colors combine! For little ones from two to five, this story is sure to charm your child.

* Are You My Mother? By P.D. Eastman. This is a shortened version from the Dr. Seuss line, in which a baby bird falls out of his nest and goes off in search of his mother. He encounters a series of animals, always asking, "Are you my mother?" A joyful reunion at the end will leave everyone smiling, and usually generate a special hug from your child as well. Little ones two to five will enjoy this shortened (20 pages in the board book) version, which omits some of the longer passages in the full length (64 page hardback) book.

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