Five Tips To Make A Good First Impression

Here are some tips to create a good first impression no matter where you're meeting them.

You should never underestimate a first impression. As they say, you only have one chance to make a good first impression. Whether or not people will admit to it, they are judging you and forming their own opinion of you from the second you first enter their lives. Imagine the following scenario. You are at a party and a guy walks in with a wine bottle in one hand announcing in a loud voice, "I'm here! Now the party can start!" What are your first impressions? You would probably think that he is either very confident or very obnoxious. You might also think that he drinks a lot or already had been drinking a lot before he got there. So here are a few tips to make sure you are always making a good first impression.

Dress Nice

Your mother always said it, and she was on to something. You should always dress your best because you never know whom you might run into. The fact of the matter is that people respond to and give more respect to those who are dressed sharp. For example, if you walked into your doctor's office and he was in a t-shirt with a stain on it and some jeans that looked as if he hadn't washed them in a week, what would you think? You would probably ask for another doctor, right? We expect doctors to dress nice, just as we expect all successful people to dress nice. If you are sharply dressed when you first meet somebody, they will be more intrigued by and more responsive to you.

Firm Handshake

When you are first introduced to somebody, give him/her a warm welcome and a firm handshake. There are few things worse than a limp or "dead fish" handshake when you first meet somebody. Firm handshakes are a sign of confidence, which is definitely an attitude you will want to convey. Limp handshakes convey a sense of insecurity or dismissal.


The best way to make others comfortable when you first meet them is by giving them a genuine smile. When you are introduced to them, say their name and let them know what a pleasure it is to meet them, maintaining a smile on your face. "Beth, I am so glad we've finally had a chance to meet. George has been singing your praises ever since he met you."

Eye Contact

When you are having your first conversation with somebody, be sure to maintain eye contact. You definitely do not want to come across as a bad listener or somebody who gets easily distracted. Maintaining eye contact during a conversation makes the speaker feel that, at that moment, they are the most important person to you. You do not want your eyes to scan the room as they speak to you or they are liable to feel that you are not very interested in what they have to say or that you are scanning the room for somebody better to talk to.

Repetition of Name & Questions

In order to remember the person's name, be sure to repeat their name in the conversation. This will do double-duty, as most people like to have their name said in conversation. Also, make sure to ask questions. After all, he who asks the questions controls the conversation. Asking questions shows the other person that you are interested in who they are and what they have to say and they will leave thinking that you were very attentive and a good conversationalist, to boot.

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