How Do You Fix Dry And Frizzy Hair?

Learn a few easy how you fix dry, frizzy and curly hair into a smooth, silky and very straight hairdo that is easy to manage.

Curly or frizzy hair can often be very hard to manage. Harder still is trying to turn your frizzy, curly hair into a smooth, straight and silky looking hairdo. One way of turning curly hair straight, is to get it professionally straightened; however this is fairly drastic option and not one for everybody. The easiest way to achieve straight and silky hair is to blow dry it this way yourself at home. It may take you a little longer than you would usually spend doing your hair and it may take a little practice before you get the results you desire, but the outcome will be well worth the effort.

To blow dry your hair straight yourself, start with wet clean hair. It is a good idea to use a good conditioning treatment or conditioning spray prior to straightening your hair. This will help assure the hair is in its best possible condition. Towel dry hair and apply a small amount of mouse or gel, working it through the hair and concentrating it on the ends of the hair. Blow dry your hair until it is almost dry and just slightly damp. This will not only save time during the straightening process, but also is better for the hair as it places less tension on the hair itself.

Start by sectioning off your hair and pinning back the top bits. Always start with the underneath hair first and then work your way through the hair to the top and front sections. Each section of hair should be a manageable amount for you to handle straightening. This will depend on the thickness of your hair and what you can manage. It is best to start with a small amount and increase the size of the sections, as you become more experienced with the process.

Gather the hair in the section and using a large round brush, roll the hair round the brush and then pull it back out, holding the brush at the ends of the hair. Blow-dry the hair down towards the brush on low heat, while continuing to pull the brush through the hair. Once that section is dry and at the straightness you desire, continue the same process section by section with the rest of your hair, leaving the front bits around your face until last. As more and more hair gets straightened out, you may need to go back over a few sections to help them sit nicely in with the rest of the hair, but this shouldn't take long. Pay special attention to the front sections of hair and style them the desired way you would like them, so that the hair fall to the side you want it to etc.

Once all the sections of hair are straightened out, get some kind of finishing wax or hair polish and rub it between your hands and then lightly rub your hands over your hair. You have to be careful not to apply too much as this could make you newly straight hair look greasy. Then brush, comb, or style your hair in the style you want and you're ready to go with your new, very straight and non-frizzy hair!

Another way to straighten hair is to use the above process but instead of blow drying and using the round brush to straighten out the sections, you could use a straightening iron. Straightening irons work well, but on most occasions you will still need to blow-dry the hair at the end to achieve your desired style. Straighten irons can also be very harsh on the hair, so it is a good idea not to do it too often.

You could also use very large Velcro rollers and roll each section of hair up in them and then let it dry naturally. This method works well and is probably the least harsh to the hair but it takes longer. The rollers will also tend to curl up then ends of the hair slightly, but if that is not the look you desire you could use the round brush and blow dry them straight out. Once again finish off with a hair wax or polish to protect the hair and make it look shiny.

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