How Do I Fix My Toilet?

How do I fix my toilet? Sometimes a toilet continues to run and run and run. Not only is this annoying to hear, it also wastes water. Learn how to replace a few innards and stop the waste of water & money.

Sometimes a toilet continues to run and run and run. Not only is this annoying to hear, it also wastes water. This article will tell how to fix or replace the innards of the toilet tank so that it won't leak or run continually.

A leaky toilet can let hundreds of gallons of water go down the drain unnecessarily every week. When you flush the toilet you should hear a bubble of water and then an audible stop of the running water. If you continue to hear water running, your toilet is having a "run-on" plumbing problem which you will need to fix. Take the lid off of the tank and take a look to see if you can see what the problem is. The water in the tank is fresh water, so don't worry about putting your hands in it.

When a toilet is flushing as normal this is what happens inside the tank. Pushing the flush handle lifts the tankball or flapper, which opens a hole for the water to pass through into the toilet bowl. As the water from the tank empties out, the floatball gets lower and lower as the water leaves. As the tank empties the flap is pulled back down which shuts off the water flow. New water then begins to fill the tank and the floatball goes back up until it reaches it's peak and shuts off the new water flow.

A run-on toilet is usually due to the ball or flapper in the tank not shutting, or the floatball, the ballcock or the intake valve. Flush your toilet and watch what happens. If the flap staying open, see if it is being blocked by anything. Check the chain that is attached to the top of the flapper to see if it is kinked or unhooked in anyway.

Sometimes you will need to replace the flapper, which is very simple to do. You can buy a new one at any hardware store, take your old one to match it with a new one.

If the float ball is the problem you will notice that it is not floating on top of the water. It

may be damaged in some way and needs to be replaced. Unscrew the damaged float ball and take it to the hardware store to match it up with a new one. You may need to bend the float arm that the ball is attached to which allows the ball to float to the top.

If none of the above is the problem, it may be the ballcock or the entire mechanism. If the toilet keeps leaking it may mean that there is some sediment in the valve body or that it is worn out. Hardware stores carry entire kits of replacement parts for the toilet tank. You will get complete instructions with the kit that are fairly easy to follow. Your first instructions will be to turn the water off under your tank to stop the flow of new water. Put a bucket under the tank to catch the small amount of water left in the tank. Unscrew the nuts that are connecting the riser tube under the tank. Loosen the nuts and screws on the inside of the tank and pull out the ballcock, take it with you to the hardware store to get a new one. Follow the instruction of replacing your new toilet tank innards.

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