How Do Flag Holders Work?

How do flag holders work? There are standard flag holders and even specialty flag holders for garden flags. You just bought the perfect flag to hang outside your home and now all you have to do is figure...

You just bought the perfect flag to hang outside your home and now all you have to do is figure out how you are going to position your garden flag pole. No need to worry. There are many varieties of garden flag stands. Owner and president of Capitol Flag Company in Austin, Texas, Joe Parish says there are standard flag holders you can buy that will fit nicely over your front door, garage, or any other place you decide to put it.

"Your standard or most common is going to be a 45-degree angle stationary wall bracket for either a three-quarter-inch diameter or 1-inch diameter flag pole. Nowadays, they have two-way holders, which will hold your flag up at a 45-degree angle, or it will hold it straight out from the wall, which would be parallel to the ground for your garden type flags. Then, there is also an adjustable bracket that's real common; it has numerous positions where you can go straight out parallel with the ground, straight up, or any number of angles in between," Parish says.

You don't even have to step into any store to buy flag holders. If the store where you bought your garden flag is expensive, you can always look on the Internet for the best deals. Parish says most storeowners tend to sell the flag holders within a certain price range. Of course, you have to take into account the city in which you are buying the flag holders. Many flag stores can be a little pricier in the East and West.

"Most of the wall brackets range anywhere from $5 to $35. If you get into the nicer brass cast brackets with a real nice gold tone brass finish, I believe those are $36," Parish says.

If you or someone you know is a handyman or handywoman, you can also ask them to make you a flag holder. Most of the materials used to make the flag holders can be found at any hardware store. This way you have complete control over what your flag holder will look like. Once you buy the proper materials to make your flag holder, you will need some nails and a hammer. Parish says you can ask any hardware customer service representative what materials best suite your needs.

If making your own flag holder doesn't sound appealing, Parish suggest just dishing out the money to make your flag complete. Flag holders are a great asset, because your flag is properly mounted and fixed. You don't have to worry about your flag falling to the ground.

Unless your flag is customized and it is very large, Parish says you shouldn't have to pay more than 50 bucks for a flag holder. In that case, you may just want to buy the flag holder from the store you bought your flag from. They can set you up with the perfect flag holder. Don't be afraid to ask questions or ask where you can get the best deals. You never know, you could just get a flag holder thrown in for free, especially if it is your first time buying a flag from a store.

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