Flapper Skirts Are In

Flapper skirts are in! This fun and flirty look from the past is now a favorite with today's fashion-conscious ladies.

The "flapper" look first gained popularity in the mid-1920's.Cute flapper skirts, flirty and feminine tops, and of course the necessary accessories, made this one of fashion's most enduring eras.

The flapper style symbolized the newfound independence of women breaking free of restrictive clothing (and behavior) for the first time.Women were coming into their own as a result of the social changes brought about by World War I.Everything about flappers-their short hair, their loose, knee-baring dresses, their penchant for smoking and drinking in public, the jazz music they listened to, and the way they danced-was a rebellion against the notion of traditional, corseted femininity.

Now, nearly a century later, the look is making a comeback.With the high-profile success of movies and musicals featuring flappers, women of all ages are rediscovering how fun and figure-flattering the style can be.

For the younger set, a flapper skirt is a great way to show off beautiful bare legs.Try pairing a short black and white polka dot skirt with a white blouse, or a floral-patterned skirt with a long, flowing, silk top.While it's hard to imagine nowadays, the "bare-knee" look was once scandalous and cutting edge!

For working women or "ladies who lunch," the style can be made more conservative by selecting a slightly longer flapper skirt to be worn with sheer stockings.If you're feeling daring, try garter stockings with a seam down the back.Go from day to evening by changing your makeup, shoes, and accessories.It's easy to take this versatile look from a day at the office to a night out on the town.

Choosing the right shoes to go with your flapper skirt is fun.To make pretty legs look even longer and more slender, go with a higher-heeled style.Flappers often wore delicate sandals with pretty details like flowers, beading, and bows.If high heeled sandals aren't your speed, "Mary Jane" shoes will also look great with a flapper skirt.These shoes were quite popular during the 1920's and are easier to wear than strappy heels.They typically have a shorter, thicker heel and feature an ankle strap with a button.

If you don't like to wear even a short heel, flats can work with flapper skirts too, but be especially careful to choose a pair that flatter your ankles and feet and aren't too heavy-looking to be paired with a delicate skirt.A pair of embroidered slippers would be perfect.Try adding a delicate anklet to achieve a fancier look.

When it comes to makeup, jewelry and hair, be careful not to choose anything that will make your vintage look appear to be a costume.Understatement is the key.For example, don't wear long strands of beads or put a feathered band in your hair.Instead, choose subtle pieces that allow the focus to remain on your flapper skirt and your outfit as a whole, not your jewelry.Style hair in a way that is reminiscent, but not a direct copy of, the styles of the era.There's no need to wear spit curls!Loose, soft waves are a good match for this feminine look, as is a light up-do with some strands left free.Keep makeup rich but light, choosing deep tones that bring out the glamour of the 1920's. Nighttime makeup can be even more dramatic.

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