Flattering Shirt Styles For Full-Figured Women

Tips for purchasing a comfortable and stylish shirt for full-figured women.

Balancing comfort and style is a challenge for any woman.Add a full figure and this challenge can be one too easily avoided by purchasing extra large shirts.However, try a few of these tips and trick to find stylish and flattering shirts for those full figured ladies of the world.

In general, a large bust or wide shoulder looks best with a v-neck, scalloped or deep neckline; avoid wide necklines such as a scoop or square as these enhance a wider look on top.Go for tailored shirts rather than boxy.Being full figured doesn't mean you have to hide everything under an extra large piece of material- show off those curves.

Shirts and tops with V-neck, sweetheart or scalloped necklines will lengthen the vertical line of the top portion of your body.Vertical lines on the shirt material and dark colors will enhance the lengthening but be certain this doesn't create a disproportionate look between your upper and lower body.Shorter legs with a long torso or too thin arms will distract from your natural curves.

Look for shirts that are tailored to fit your chest and shoulders and that cut in to enhance your waist.Material that is slightly darker or of a different color on the sides of a shirt will further enhance a thin waist.

Shirts that button down can be difficult to find without looking boxy.Purchase a shirt that fits your chest and have darts put in underneath the bust line to fit your waist.This is an inexpensive tailoring job that many dry cleaners and/or alteration shops offer.It is usually less expensive than purchasing a tailored shirt.

Treat yourself to the long flowing sleeves that are in style as they thin and lengthen the arm.Avoid sleeves that end at the bust line as this simply draws the eye to that level.

Avoid knobby wools or tweeds as these fabrics are thick to begin with and adding them to a full figure can add mass.Splurge on the flowing, light fabrics instead.Layering with a camisole or thin white shirt will add warmth, if needed, without the bulk on an already full figure.Layering also allows you to wear see-through fabrics without feeling self-conscience.Large or small patterns will work for any figure if not overly done.Keep patterns to a minimum to be noticed not overwhelmed.

Look for fabrics that stretch as you move without bunching up or popping buttons.A heavier fabric that has enough weight to drape nicely without clinging tightly will show off curves.Don't be afraid to purchase a larger size if it drapes and flatters better - once those tags are removed, no one will know.Do remember to move, reach and bend in the dressing room - if it doesn't work in there, it won't work anywhere.

Keep in mind that full figures don't have to be hidden, but there are right moments to show off that cleavage with a low neckline. What you find appropriate for work won't grab the attention at a nightclub; however, those nightclub outfits might bring too much attention at work.Using the above tips and tricks, and a little common sense, you can receive compliments wherever you go.

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