Flaxseeds In Your Diet

Flaxseeds in your diet. Tips for adding flaxseeds to your diet. Flaxseeds are good in salads. You can put them in a shake. You can certainly add them to cereal, to yogurt, and on cottage cheese and they...

Flaxseeds are good in salads. You can put them in a shake. You can certainly add them to cereal, to yogurt, and on cottage cheese and they really have a crunchy nutty taste that is not a very strong flavor. Flax is an excellent source of soluble fiber as well as a very good source of phyto-estrogens, have some protein and an excellent source of the omega 3 fatty acids. This especially important for vegetarians who don't want to eat fish because this is the way that they can get the omega 3 fat. Now you could say is it better to have the flaxseed oil or the flaxseed.

Actually this depends on somebody's situation but generally speaking what you get from the flaxseed is a better source of these plant compounds called lignins which have all sorts of preventive effects and you get the soluble fiber that you don't really get from the oil. The oil was a very concentrated good source of omega 3. So for some people both would be a good idea.

Because of the lignins and the phyto-estrogen component that's in the flaxseed, it is similar to the cousin to the isoflavones that you find in soy foods. Usually the lignin content in the actual seeds and cells is a little higher than what it is in the oil.

I don't have a recipe for flaxseed and the reason for that is I think that the best way to use it is just sprinkle it on food after the food is cooked. There are many recipes that use flaxseed in them like cereals, muffins and breads but actually when you cook the flaxseed you don't get the same benefit of the omega 3. The flaxseed oil is not very stable and it becomes denatured when you cook it. If you serve the flaxseeds in muffins, you still get the benefits of the fiber but you don't get the same benefits of the omega 3 fats. I would prefer that people sprinkle it on the food after it's cooked.

Also, there are several ways it can be purchased. You can purchase the seeds whole, as very tiny seeds like the size of sesame seeds but then its necessary to grind them and you probably want to have a separate grinder. You grind just the amount that you are going to eat.

The second way flaxseed can be bought is already ground. I particularly like milled flaxseeds. It's not as finely ground as flax meal but it's a matter of personal preference. The nutritional value is still good either way but it's most important that you buy this in a vacuum package and then you keep it in the refrigerator or freezer. It usually lasts 4-6 weeks once you have opened it. If you keep it in the freezer, it will last a little bit longer but it's because these healthy oils that are in there are not very stable.

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