Flirting Tips: When To Dress Modestly

There are some occasions that require you to dress modestly rather than dressing overtly sexy or funky, so take advantage of the situations that call for a modest look!

There are some occasions that require you to dress modestly rather than dressing overtly sexy or funky.Many women have a hard time feeling flirtatious when they aren't showing much skin, but modest looks can actually be very romantic and feminine - they will make you look more virginal and pure.Men love to drool over a sexy vixen, but most of them are actually looking to settle down with a good girl, so take advantage of the situations that call for a modest look!


When you go out on a first date with someone, you should dress in a feminine yet modest style.You don't want to give your date the impression that you are a "fling-only" type of girl by wearing a skin-tight mini-dress.There is nothing wrong with dressing sexy, but when you are trying to make an impression on a man that says, "I am a potential wife," you are going to have to make your outfit match your message.You also don't want to go to the other extreme, and dress like you are a clean room technician whose figure is obsolete.The goal is to create a balance between modest and smutty, which equals feminine and pretty.One excellent option is to wear a skirt that hangs just below your knees paired with a camisole and a fitted jacket.You should try for colors that are feminine and soft, such as powder pink, light blue, aquamarine, or a soft yellow.Do not wear bright red or too much black because you will look intimidating - too tough for the first date.You shouldn't wear pants, either - that is taking the modesty too far for this particular occasion.When your date sees your feminine and flirtatious yet modest outfit, he will feel like he is going out with a really classy and sweet lady.


Women have a hard line to straddle in the workplace as far as their dress code is concerned.You want to look professional, but you also don't want to give up your beauty and femininity as a woman.Well, you don't have to.It is certainly true that you have to dress modestly at work, but you can still look like a woman.You do not want to be the human eye candy for all of your male co-workers to ogle over and gossip about around the water cooler.However, you also don't want to become a genderless mass that is buried under a figure-less business suit and shoulder pads.If you work in an office where the men wear button-down shirts and ties, then you should try wearing a-line dresses that fall just at knee level or slightly below paired with a cardigan sweater, or wear a cardigan sweater set along with a pair of boot-cut tweed pants.You will look modest and professional, but you will still be fashionable and you will feel confident in your appearance.You should also feel free to incorporate some stylish accessories into your workplace look - jewelry, scarves, and of course shoes can go a long way.


Funerals and Sunday masses are neither the time nor place to don your new tight little black dress with miles of cleavage.When you are supposed to be reverent, you should look modest and prudent.You should look neat and groomed of course, but you should not wear any bright or bold colors or prints, and you should not be showing off your feminine curves.It is true that some single women have found success in meeting eligible bachelors at church services and even funerals, but your means for attracting men in such situations in not by using your sex appeal.In fact, you shouldn't even be wearing an excessive amount of make-up to such events, and you should never wear bright fire truck red lipstick to a funeral or church service.If a man is looking for a woman at a funeral or church service, he is probably the type of man who wants a modest woman - he will be looking for a kind face and a warm smile and he values personality over a salaciously sexy outfit for sure.


If you are meeting a boyfriend's parents for the first time, the theme of your wardrobe selection should be modesty.You want to portray the image of a sweet, gentle, polite young woman.If you show up wearing fishnets and a tube top, they will absolutely want to keep your devilish hands away from their son.If you are going over to their house for a dinner party, wear a modest cocktail dress that has a high neckline and a skirt that just grazes the knees.If you have been informed that this is a more casual affair, you could opt for a pair of pleated khaki-colored pants paired with a turtleneck sweater or a turtle neck sleeveless shirt.You should also take your modesty a step further for this ever-important introduction by getting a French manicure so that even your hands convey a polished and "together" image.

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