Flirting Tips: The Secrets Of Hair Style And Attraction

Your hair isn't exactly a body part, but you can use it to do some serious body language communicating. There are a few hair moves that are very flirtatious.

Your hair isn't exactly a body part, but you can use it to do some serious body language communicating.There are a few hair moves that are very flirtatious.For one, there is the ever-popular hair flip.Turn your head so that your chin is nearly touching one shoulder, and your hair is falling over the other shoulder and slightly in your face.Then, turn your head in the opposite direction and slightly upwards, tossing your hair in a flowing motion behind your shoulder.Try it when you are trying to get a guy's attention - it really works.In fact, it is a classic movie move - they usually like to make it slow-motion because it is such a dramatic-looking attraction technique.You can also do the twirl.When you are sitting down talking to a guy, twirl your hair around your finger while you are flirting.It makes you look playful and a little nervous - very attractive to guys for some reason.Another hair flirting move is to run your fingers through your hair slowly - guys will wish they were the one doing it!You can also pull your hair back into a pony tail while you are talking to a guy that you like - with your arms up and back above your shoulders (as they have to be to tie your hair back), you will look very attractive to the guy.

The type of guy that you are trying to flirt with will help you to determine the best hairstyle for you.If you are into alternative-looking punk guys, then you might decide on a funky color and a short, spiky do.Or, you could go with a more gothic look with long, jet-black hair with a few colored streaks.You should choose a style that is creative and unique so that it can actually be an ice-breaker.One of the great things about punk guys is that they are actually interested in hairstyles - they like girls with an artistic edge to their look.If you are looking to attract a preppy guy, then you should try to achieve the all-American girl-next-door look with your hairstyle.Long, smooth, straightened hair is the secret to attracting.You could also try some pig tails - the cheerleader thing is also attractive to them because lots of preppy guys are athletic.The color of your hair should either be natural or natural-looking, maybe with a few highlights added - do not go for a crazy pink or purple look.If you are into the nature guys, then a relaxed hairstyle is for you.Try for a layered look, like Jennifer Aniston's famous shag hairstyle.You should certainly stick with your real hair color if you are trying to attract the nature guys - they like the natural look best, which is great for you because your attraction secrets will require far less maintenance!

The most important thing when deciding your hairstyle is choosing a look that you like.If you are confident in your appearance, then you will be more attractive to guys.Confidence is a major turn on.Your hairstyle really pulls together your look and it makes an impression on people before they meet you, so choose a style that captures and conveys your unique and wonderful personality!

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