About Flokati Rugs

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  • Overview

    About Flokati Rugs
    About Flokati Rugs
    Do you love the unkempt, textured look of deep-pile shag carpeting, but want to keep your shining hardwood floors? Luxurious Flokati rugs might be the answer. These soft woolen rugs provide warmth to cold feet and elegance to your home's living room, dining room, hallways or den. Flokati rugs were popular living room décor during the 1960s and 1970s. But they have ancient Greek origins, and their warmth and longevity is based on a few unique processes they go through during manufacturing.
  • History

    Flokati rugs have been around since the fifth century, originating in a Vlach village in the Pindos mountains of Greece. Shepherds raised the sheep in these mountain regions and the women weaved the wool into sensuous, elegant, handwoven rugs. The Vlachs perfected the process, and over time created a worldwide market for these traditionally made products. After a surge in popularity during the late sixties and seventies, the Flokati rug is once again emerging as a product for the modern home, dorm room or even as wall décor.
  • Types

    There was a time when Flokati rugs were only available from Greek vendors, the wool from sheep raised in Greece. Today, many types and manufacturers of the Flokati rug are available. It's very common to find rugs made with New Zealand wool but manufactured in Greece. You can buy an acrylic Flokati rug or the traditional natural-wool variety. You can also buy a Flokati with a mixture of wool and acrylic. There are round, oval, square and rectangular Flokati rugs. There are also Flokati pillows and cushions. There are even Flokati wool bean bags available at Bean Bag Superstore. At one time, Flokati rugs only came in white, but now Flokati rugs come in every color of the rainbow, including bright purple and cobalt bue. There are even salt and pepper Flokatis.

  • How Flokati Rugs Are Made

    How is that lovely, unkempt fluffiness of the flokati rug achieved? To begin with, the raw wool is spun into loops and the pile cut by hand. Next, Flokati rugs are washed in mountain waterfalls where they are tossed about and fluffed into their signature softness. The waterfall wash is the secret to a perfect Flokati rug. The quality of a Flokati rug is determined by its weight. A 4000 gram Flokati is considered a very high quality rug.
  • Keeping Them Clean

    Keeping a white rug clean is usually a bit difficult, but not so if it is a Flokati rug. Because of the natural way the wool is processed, the protective oils in the wool are not destroyed. This means less work for you, since these oils resist soil. For routine cleaning, just shake your rug out. Some manufacturers recommend sprinkling a little water on your Flokati rug before shaking it, which restores even more of its natural fluffiness. If your rug has seen a lot of wear, put it in a bathtub with some warm water and mild soap. Never use bleach and don't put it in the dryer. Let it air dry in a shady spot, and soon your rug will look like new. Some manufacturers recommend cold water machine washing.
  • Where to Buy

    Flotaki rugs are widely available, at rug specialty stores and super stores like Target and Ikea. If you want a free piece of Flokati wool, visit the Flokati and Designer Rugs website. The company will send you a free swatch.
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