Flower Arranging Instructions

Flower arranging instructions, here!

When you see a beautiful arrangement of flowers at a flower shop, remember that you too can create some wonderful flower arrangements for you and your friends. It requires a little bit of thought, and creativity, but is otherwise simple.

When you start, look at the vase or bowl you want to use. Picture a three dimensional shape with the vase or bowl as a base, either supporting the shape you have selected or as part of the whole shape. For example you could decide upon a ball, with the bowl as part of the shape, or perhaps you want a diamond shape sitting upon a rectangular vase. Your imagination is your only limitation.

When you are choosing the colors for the arrangement, consider where the arrangement will go, the color of the vase or bowl, and the flowers that are available. For example, a purple vase with lavender roses and baby's breath, or maybe a yellow bowl with daisies and carnations. Don't limit yourself to one type of flower, unless that is all that is available, or that is the theme of the arrangement.

Now that you have selected the overall shape and colors for your arrangement, place your florist's clay in the bottom of your vase. This will help hold your stems in place, and allow you to work towards the finished project without having to hold them in place with one hand as you work. Remember to cut your flower stems at an angle with a sharp knife, preferably under running water. Don't cut the stems until you are ready to place them in the vase, so they will stay fresh for a longer period of time.

Place the longest stems in first, the ones that will give your arrangement its shape; you can fill in the shape later. Work on your arrangement, turning your vase so it looks as good from the front as the back and sides. Don't be afraid to change a position of a flower. Place all your flowers in the arrangement before filling in with greenery.

When you start filling in with greenery, you are filling in the general shape you decided upon, and hiding stems. Use the greenery to accent the color of the flowers, a dark green around a light colored flower, a light green around a darker flower.

Don't forget to consider the smell of some flowers when you are filling in. Lavender, while small and unimposing, can add a wonderful scent to the arrangement allowing it to be appreciated by more than one sense.

Look at your arrangement from all sides and rearrange any flowers that don't add to the overall result. The only thing left to do, is add a bow, or ribbon if you desire. Your finished arrangement is something you can be proud of, since you did it.

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