Flower Language

Communicating with flowers language dates back centuries. Here is a list of a few flowers and herbs and their meanings.

To all of us, flowers have sentimental meanings. They might remind us of our first long walk with our lover through a field of daisies, or the purple violets we see remind us of childhood afternoons spent on Grandma's porch. Flowers definitely bring about some sort of emotional response. But what about the real meaning behind the flowers?

For centuries people have communicated with flowers. They were often able to say things that the giver of them couldn't. Herbal and floral meanings can be traced back to early Egyptian, Chinese and Greek cultures, but John Parkinson, a French gardener and physician, is credited with giving meaning to flower bouquets in the early 1600's. The popularity of "flower language" took off from there and in the Victorian era floral dictionaries could be found in most homes.

Most of us know that red roses symbolize true love, but did you know that a rhododendrun meant danger? A list of flowers and herbs and their meanings looks something like this:

Angelica - Inspiration

Apple Blossom - Preference

Azalea - Temperance

Bachelor Button - celibacy

Bay - Glory

Basil - Hatred

Calendula - Joy

Caraway - Faithfulness

Pink Carnation- A woman's love Yellow Carnation - Rejection

Chamomile - Humility

Chervil - Sincerity

Cloves - Dignity

Daffodil - Regards

Daisy - Innocence

Fennel - Strength

Forget-me-not - Remembrance

Goldenrod - Encouragement

Honeysuckle-Generous affection

Hibiscus - Delicate beauty

Hyssop - Cleanliness

Iris - Message,

Ivy - Fidelity

Jasmine - Amiability

Lady's Mantle - Comfort

Lamb's Ears - Surprise

Lavender - Devotion

Lily - Purity, Peace

Lemon Balm - Sympathy

Lemon Verbena - Enchantment

Marigold - Grief

Marjoram - Happiness

Morning Glory - Affectation

Mints - Wisdom and Virtue

Myrtle - Marriage

Narcissus - Egotism

Nightshade - Secrets

Oleander - Beware

Pansy - Thoughtfulness

Parsley - Festivity

Primrose - Consistency

Quince - Temptation

Rhododendrun - Danger

Rose - Love

Sage - Domestic Virtue, Good Health

Sweet Cicely - Gladness

Sweet William - Gallantry

Tulip - Fame

Violet - Faithfulness

Water Lily - Purity

Wisteria - Extreme Devotion

Zinnia - Thoughts of absent loved ones

Obviously with all the flowers in the world this list is only a sampling. The next time you get, or give, flowers, take time to look at the thought behind them.

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