The Flowering Dogwood Tree

The flowering dogwood tree is a year round flowering tree. It is a low maintenance, learn how to care for this beautiful addition to your lanscape.

The flowering dogwood is a year round flowering tree. It blooms in late spring, and has white, red, or pink blooms. In the summer it will grow red fruit known as rose hips.

The dogwood need open space to grow properly. Its best not to plant other trees close, so the dogwood has plenty of room to grow.

To accent the dogwood, plant spring flowers at the base. The spring flowers go very well with the beautiful blooms of the dogwood.

The dogwood is a tree that grows well without much maintenance. There are few simple steps in planting a dogwood tree and then you too can enjoy this beautiful tree for many years to come.

You will need:

Flowering dogwood





1. Dig a hole double the size of the width of its roots. The set aside soil, mix well with compost.

2. Mix fertilizer with water, pour mixture into hole.

3. Return one fourth of the set aside soil into the hole. Then set the tree inside the hole, and recover with soil firmly.

4. Once tree is firmly planted. Create a watering path around the tree, so it can be watered properly through the first year and during dry spells in the future.

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