What Flowers Are Available in September?

By Lauren Wise

  • Overview

    What Flowers Are Available in September?
    September is a month of color, between the leaves changing, rain making grass even greener and the array of flowers that pop up in gardens. In the United States, dozens of breeds of flowers bloom during this time. Knowing what flowers are readily available during September can help make your flower purchases less expensive, with longer-lasting flowers since they will be fresh and strong.
  • Geography

    Many types of flowers are still widely available in September, as even the colder regions in the United States are in the beginning of fall, not yet reaching winter temperatures. In regions such as California, Florida, the South, the West and the Midwest, many types of flowers are available in September because of the stable temperatures and humidity. In regions such as the North, Northwest and Northeast, it will be more difficult to find a large selection because of the rapidly cooling temperatures.
  • Types

    Flowers that are in season in September include: roses, daisies, the calla lily, slipper orchids, hydrangeas, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, gloriosa and oriental lilies, baby's breath, zinnia, acashia, allium, star of bethlehem, statice, Queen Ann's lace, quince, salvia, rowen berry, orchids, alstromeria, amaranthus, china berry, carnation, misty blue, anemone, bittersweet, cockscomb, freesia, cosmos, gerbera daisy, hypericum, juniper, iris, protea, rover, kangaroo paw, liatrus, echinops, phlox, poms, snapdragons, tuberose, solidaster, bells of Ireland, belladonna, eucalyptus, gardenia, tree fern, heather, larkspur, love-in-the-mist, monte casino asters, marigolds and dahlias.

  • Foilage

    Besides flowers, there are other seasonal ornaments available in September that can be just as beautiful in vases, arrangements or centerpieces, and include: cranberries, laurel, English ivy, fall blueberries, rusty rose hips, vines, red huckleberry, liquid amber branches, yellow maple, red oak leaf hydrangeas or dogwood branches, red nandina, red or black aronia berries, flaming pyracantha, persimmons, dried flowers, Spanish moss, black-eyed susan vines and grapevines.
  • Function

    Flowers that bloom in September are usually not delicate and can take drops in temperature. They must be able to function with windy environments in some regions, more rainfall and cold nights. Therefore, most have thicker stalks and wider leaf faces to absorb as much sunlight as possible. More delicate flowers are also prevalent in September. These must be cared for constantly and watched, because a particularly cold night during the month could wipe out anything too delicate, so the lifespan of the plant will be brief but beautiful.
  • Considerations

    Flowers that are prevalent in September generally grow between the months of late August to early November. The types of flowers readily available vary, depending upon region. Your area may not have certain flowers that are available in other areas; although, they may still be found during other parts of the year. If you are looking for particular flowers for your autumn wedding or celebration that are not on the list above, you will still generally be able to find them, but they will be more expensive and harder to obtain.
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