Food Cost Saver: Budgeting For A Family

Food cost savers and budgeting can be challenging when you have children in the family. Here are some tips for lowering the food bill.

Many young couples, when first beginning a family, feel the pinch of a dwindling budget. Diapers, medical bills, and children's clothing can tremendously challenge cash-flow. Add the continual need to EAT and for many families with children, controlling the food bill becomes a challenge. There are several steps that can be taken to help keep the food costs under control:

· Buy food in bulk. Warehouse stores such as Sams or Costco offer large sized kid popular foods such as candy, drink boxes, cereal, and peanut butter. Most times, the per-ounce cost is less than purchasing at a grocery store.

· Buy family pack meats. Most food stores offer large packs of meat at lower prices per pound. Buy these large family packs then divide them at home, freezing into portions that fit your family.

· Snack on fresh fruit and vegetables. Not only are they better for you, but they also tend to be less expensive than other snacks during the summer months.

· Eat at home. A restaurant bill for a family with children can be quite pricey. Multiple at-home meals can be prepared for the cost of one eat-out meal.

· When eating out, take home the leftovers and eat them the next day. Most American restaurants serve too much for one meal. Instead of over eating, save half of the adult meals for lunch the next day.

· Mix your own fruit drinks. Bottled fruit drinks are very expensive compared to the powdered variety that you mix at home.

· Shop at box or discount grocery stores. The choice is often more limited than a full service grocery, but there is a big difference in cost.

· Use coupons and rebates. The Sunday paper has free standing inserts of coupons almost every week. Also, many manufacturers run rebates. The internet is also a source for coupons. Many grocery stores participate in the Value Page program. For purchasing certain items (it changes weekly), you will get cash coupons good to use on your next visit to the same store.

Raising children can be a challenge. Feeding them does not have to be a big one.

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