Food Storage Temperature

Food storage temperature is vital for safety in the summer. Ways to keep food safe when going on picnics with infomation on preparing and packing food and how to avoid food poisioning.

When having family gatherings or going on family picnics in the summer you should make sure you have taken safety precautions with preparing and packing of the food being taken to these family gatherings and picnics. Improperly preparing and packing of food can cause bacterial to grow which could end up leading to food poisioning. A mild

case of food poisioning could just give a person symptoms like the flu but it could also end up being a real serious illness.

Food should be kept in a temperature lower than forty degrees to keep food from spoiling. Food should not be out in the warm weather for more than three hours. When the temperature rises to ninety degrees though food can only be out for about one hour. Baceria likes to grow in warm weather.

When preparing food to take along on a family picnic you should plan on preparing the food, as close as you can to the time you will be using it. Make sure when cooking meat

like brats, hotdogs and hamburgers you cook the meat until it's all the way done. This means that when your done cooking the meat their should be no pink colored meat seen. When your making salads up like tuna or chicken you should put the meat in a separate container. You should also wait to mix the salads up with the meat and

mayonaise until your ready to eat it because of the raw eggs in the mayonais which can lead to salmonella. Make sure you get rid of any leftovers that were not eaten.

When packing the foods prepared to take along you should put the food items in an air tight container. The food can be put in a cooler to keep it cool. Make sure you put plenty of ice in the cooler to keep the food cool enough. When packing food in the cooler always pack the food you are going to use last first. When packing the cooler put the food in first and proceed to put the ice on top around the food complety covering it. Remember a full cooler keeps cooler longer. Keep plenty of ice around so your able to keep refilling the cooler with ice as you need it. Pack pop in a separate cooler with ice.

When keeping foods cool for family gatherings you could place the food dishes on a bed of ice. There are also special containers that you can purchase from the store that are made to keep foods warm or cold as you are taking them to the gathering.

Pregnant women need to be especially careful with the safety of food in the summer especially when it comes to processed lunchmeat which is used in making sandwiches.

By taking the time to make sure your preparing and packing your food for your picnic or family gathering safely will help in everybody enjoying the picnic or gathering and will also prevent somebody from getting sick.

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