Forms Of Communication Between Animals

There are many ways on how animals try to transmit information from one animal to the other. There are four main forms they commonly use.

Animals try to send information from one animal to another. This form of transmitting messages gives an influence on the one who received the message. The animals make use of communication in their everyday lives while doing their daily activities.

The first form of animal communication is by showing visual acts. It is done in various ways depending on the animal's physical structure and behavior.These includes changes in facial expressions, body shapes, color and movement. These are easy to do and doesn't require complex acts. A most common example is a firefly who produces light during nightime to attract mates. Another one is when a cobra expands the skin on its neck as a sign of attack.

Some animals communicate by means of sound. They send sound vibrations to others to transmit messages to them. These vibrations could easily pass underwater and even on heavily-vegetated places. An example is when a whale produces certain pitches of sound to show the range of its territory and also for mating. Insects are not good listeners so they can hear sound waves from another insect by using their antennae. An example is when a cricket rubs its front legs against each other to warn an opponent and also by chirping faster to attract a female.

Other animals send information by actually touching another animal's body. This form is called tactile communication. An example is when a chimpanzee tries to clean another chimpanzee's body in order to enhance their bond and also to show association with others of its kind. Tactile communication has a limited range of transmission since it is only used when one animal touches another one's body.

The last form is through chemical or hormone transmission. One animal sends a message even just from its sweat, urine or other glands and it travels either through air or water. The receiving animal either senses it by taste or smell. An example is when a female giraffe urinates and the male smells its urine to determine its fertility.

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