Four Reasons To Break Up With Your Girlfriend

Four reasons to break up with your girlfriend include the following: you are leading her on, you don't trust her, your relationship has made your life worse, or you are only with her out of guilt.


If you are with a woman who you know is falling for you, but you are aware that you are personally not falling in love with her, then you owe it to this woman to spare her feelings and end the relationship.Women sometimes have the tendency to let themselves become attached to a man that is not attached to them.If you do not see a future with your girlfriend, then don't have a present with her.You can't keep a lady around just because you can stand her.You can't stay in a relationship out of convenience.You should never continue a romance that you are not invested in just for the physical rewards.If you are not intending to take this relationship to the next level, and you know that the girl that you are with is already picking out china patterns, then you have to do the right thing: break it off.If you care about her at all, then you owe it to her not to lead her on.The only reason to continue a relationship is because you believe that there is a future in it.You can date and you can have flings with women with no intention of building a relationship, but you have to be honest with the women that you are with so that they do not end up feeling deceived and manipulated.


If your girlfriend has been unfaithful to you, and you are unable to trust her, then you should break up with her.This is not to say that there are no circumstances in which cheating should be forgiven, but you have to evaluate that on an individual basis.First of all, do you think that she is truly remorseful and will not do it again, or do you think that she is just sorry that she got caught?You have to decide if you will be able to have faith in your relationship anymore.If you are not able to trust your girlfriend, then you need to break up with her.You will become a jealous person if you stay in a relationship with someone that you do not believe in.You should be with a woman who is mature enough to be honest with you.If your girlfriend felt she needed to stray from the relationship, then you should wonder why.Have you been unfaithful to her?Do the two of you spend as much time together as you did when you first started the relationship?She might have been looking for someone to talk to when you were emotionally unavailable, and what started off as innocent flirtation led to infidelity.People do make mistakes, but if the mistake is going to cause you to be insecure and paranoid in your relationship, then you should break it off.


Relationships can change your life, but the goal is for your life to be changed for the better, not the worse.If you feel like you are no longer a happy and confident person when you are with your girlfriend, then you are in an unhealthy relationship.Having a girlfriend is not worth sacrificing your happiness.Sometimes if a guy who is very inexperienced with women gets a girlfriend, he wants to stay in the relationship even if the woman is a witch to him.If you are a man who has had a hard time playing the dating game, you might have resigned yourself to the idea that you have to settle for whoever will be with you.Wrong!You are better off alone than with someone who does not treat you with care and respect.It is unfair to you to settle for someone who does not value you.You deserve to be with someone who shows you the same love and kindness as you show them.If your girlfriend embarrasses you in front of your friends by demeaning you or if she is constantly pointing out your flaws and imperfections, then you owe it to yourself to break up with her and find someone who is deserving of your love.


Sometimes a man will stay with a woman because he feels that it will destroy her if he ends the relationship.If you care about a woman, but you are no longer in love with her, then it is in both of your best interests in the long run to end the relationship.Your girlfriend does not want to be in a relationship with someone who cares about her on a purely platonic level.She may be very hurt and saddened to see your relationship come to a close, but if you are not invested in this relationship, it is not going to survive, and the longer that you wait to end it, the worse things will become.You can feel bad that you are breaking her heart, but you should not feel guilty for being honest about your feelings.

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