Franklin Pierce, The Fourteenth President

Franklin Pierce became the fourteenth president of the united states in 1852.

Franklin Pierce has no thought of ever becoming President, he had retired from the Senate and him and his wife Jane wanted nothing more of Washington. But, the Democratic convention wanted Pierce to be their next candidate for President. In the Campaign of 1852, there was Franklin Pierce the Democratic nominee and the Whig party had Winfield Scott. The Whig party did not want anything else to do with Milliard Fillmore, due to his signing of the Fugitive Slave Act. Franklin Pierce had the backing of all of the United Democratic Party, and the Whig party was divided, so Franklin Pierce easily won the Election of 1852, becoming the fourteenth President of the United States of America.

Franklin Pierce had his job cut out for him. The North was still upset about the Fugitive Slave Act and the South was upset with the North for helping the slaves that they thought were runaways. Pierce knew he had to be subtle with the dealings between the North and the South. He knew a Civil War was on the rise, and was trying everything to disband the thought.

In Pierces term he had land acquisitions taking place. The Gadsden Purchase happened which allowed the United States to buy what is now Arizona and New Mexico from Mexico.

Pierce also had the Railroad issue to contend with, the railroad was becoming transcontinental. The North wanted it to go through their states and the Southern states wanted it to go through their territory. The southern states decided to announce they would not support a railroad that ran through a territory that did not allow slavery. Senator Stephen Douglas, who wanted the railroad to go through the northern route so it would go through his state of Illinois, suggested a compromise that became the Kansas-Nebraska Act. This would allow Kansas and Nebraska decide which they wanted to promote slavery or not. This was not good at all because in became violet the Northerners wanted Kansas and the South wanted Kansas to take part in slavery.

This was not good for Franklin Pierce; the country had lost trust in him. When the Campaign of 1856 came around, the people made it clear they wanted someone new. The Democrats decided to replace Pierce as their candidate with James Buchanan. This was good for Pierce he had decided he no longer wanted anything to do with being President.

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