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Individuals who have a talent and passion for photography may find that a career in freelance photography affords them the opportunity to get paid for what they already love to do.

Individuals who have a talent and passion for photography may find that a career in freelance photography affords them the opportunity to get paid for what they already love to do. Freelance photography is a relatively inexpensive business to get up and running. This article highlights some basic guidelines when considering undertaking this full-time or part-time business venture.

Successful freelance photographers are usually creative individuals who also possess good business sense. Creativity is involved in the ability to capture unique moments, poses, expressions, and candid compositions through the eye of a camera. Technological knowledge of film developing techniques isn't as necessary in this era for freelancers as it once was because of the advances and commercial availability of these services. An understanding of digital photography and design is a definite advantage as more markets and customers store and transfer photos online and via email. An aptitude for business is necessary because freelancers are responsible for managing incoming and outgoing monies, advertising services, and meeting deadlines independently. Organizational skills are needed.

Opportunities for niche freelance photography work are endless. Special events such as weddings and senior portraits are services that are always in demand but there is often competition to contend with. Individuals who work well with children may find success in this area of photography. Many parents are willing to pay top dollar for candid photos and portraits. Fantasy photography is a niche area that involves dressing children in vintage costumes, fairy tale costumes, and providing props for truly unique portraits. Magazines, newspapers, contests, and online venues offer additional paying opportunities for freelancers.

The creation of a portfolio is one of the best ways to acquire work. A photo album of a photographer's best photos are assembled in this album and continuously added to. A portfolio highlights a freelancer's skill and abilities. An album with pockets and a place to hold business cards is ideal. Literature about special promotions and credentials and business cards are contained in one easy, portable location.

Freelance photographers who plan on offering photography services to the public will need to secure advertising to let people in the area know about their availability. There is a lot of free advertising available. Word of mouth advertising is key in getting the word out. Family members and friends can be enlisted to tell others about your newly created services. Photographers who are catering to a children's market may consider placing flyers in places that parents are likely to visit. Gymnastics studios, beauty salons, karate studios, and pre-schools are examples. This is an inexpensive advertising option but it does take legwork to get the flyers circulated. Freelancers who are catering to brides and grooms may consider attending bridal fairs and networking with other wedding professionals in the area to exchange advertising materials. Creativity is a useful tool to possess in the arena of advertising as well as photography. Paid advertising space is expensive and outlets that offer free advertising may be the best choice when starting out.

Photographing for online and print publications involves a basic understanding of freelance publishing protocol and markets. An annual "Photographer's Market" book edition is available and indispensable for a listing of thousands of marketplaces and business advise. Writer's Digest Books publishes this guidebook.

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