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Information on freelance writing. Learn the steps for success that will get you telecommuting for big bucks in a few months!

Why the web? In this day and age of weekly dot com millionaires, everyone with an ounce of know how wants his own Internet site to build and sell. A start-up takes so much work, and there are so many of them every day, that they are all suddenly desperate for writers. If you can put two words together, you are a valuable commodity. Dive into your favorite search engines and job search sites and start working. Also consider sites that allow you to post your work for free and pay you by the read. That is, every time a person reads your work on websites like Epinions or Themestream, you get a few cents.

Only submit your best work. Why do great work for low pay? Because you are working for clips and references. When you start at the bottom and start getting published, perhaps even without a byline, you are at least collecting examples of your work to show to potential employers. You may also want to use some of these initial contacts for a reference, so submit on time, put your heart into that piece on the latest dog collars or must-have lip liner, and edit thoroughly.

Make your presence known. When you have a few projects going on line, weed out those that do not give a byline. On the flip side, consider holding on to low paying jobs that give you space for a bio and contact information. Also consider building your own web page. You don't have to be a programmer anymore. Companies like Juno and Geosites will give you a template, and all you have to do is plug in the information. Search engines provide details on how to add sites to their database, so that you can be pulled up on individual searches. Be sure to include a resume and clips. You can also join databases specifically for freelancers. Some require payment, but some phenomenal sites, like, are absolutely free. When you post your profile on these pages, you can not only do job searches, but potential employers will also come to the website searching for writers just like you!

Move up the ladder. You will be so busy building your network of self-promotion and small jobs that you may not realize the visibility you have gained on the Internet within only one month. Now go back through all of the job sites you have found, like, and start applying for higher paying jobs closer to the ideal jobs you want. Keep in mind whether you want to move in to print work or web content management and choose your jobs accordingly. Go from $100 the first month to $500 the second month, and so on. You will be amazed how much you learn and how much you earn.

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